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    • After two days, I finally got the JSP debugging environment ready. It was so cool and cool! Haha...
After two days, I finally got the JSP debugging environment ready. It was so cool and cool! Haha...

Do everything yourself, sweat! Let's get to the point where http: // and http: // 8080

If you have the same function, you should follow me. Now let's talk about how I configure the debugging environment.

1. Install j2sdk1.4.2 _ 08 (to c: \ j2sdk1.4.2 _ 08) and atat5.0 (to c: \ tomcat5.0). Just click Next.

2. Configure Environment Variables

Classpath =.; C: \ j2sdk1.4.2 _ 08 \ Lib \ tools. jar; C: \ j2sdk1.4.2 _ 08 \ Lib \ DT. Jar

Java_home = c: \ j2sdk1.4.2 _ 08

Path = c: \ j2sdk1.4.2 _ 08 \ bin

Tomcat_home = c: \ Tomcat 5.0

3. After configuration, you can basically test it in root. If HTTP status 500 is displayed, you can use the Tomcat attribute

C: \ Tomcat 5.0 \ bin \ Bootstrap. jar in Java classpath on the Java tab is added; C: \ j2sdk1.4.2 _ 08

\ Lib \ tools. Jar should be okay.

4. Now we start to configure IIS and tomcat. If you want IIS to run JSP too, you must first prepare four files,

Isapi_redirector2.dll (C: \ Tomcat 5.0 \ Jakarta), (C: \ Tomcat 5.0 \ conf), (C: \ Tomcat 5.0 \ conf), and a Registry file.

1-1. Create the Jakarta directory under tomcat5.0 and put isapi_redirector2.dll into the directory.

2-2. Add in Notepad as a file with the following content:

Info = shared memory file. Required for Multiprocess servers
File = C:/tomcat 5.0/temp/jk2.shm
Size = 1000000

[Channel. Socket: localhost: 8009]
Info = ajp13 worker, connects to Tomcat instance using AJP 1.3 Protocol
Tomcatid = localhost: 8009

Info = jsp examples, map requests for all JSP pages to Tomcat.
Context =/JSP-Examples

Info = servlet examples, map requests for all Servlets to Tomcat.
Context =/Servlets-Examples

2-3. Find the file, open it in notepad, and add a sentence at the end.

Request. tomcatauthentication = false

2-4. Create a new registry file and name it casually. I name it ABC. Reg. The content is as follows:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Apache Software Foundation \ Jakarta ISAPI redirector \ 2.0]

"Workersfile" = "C: \ Tomcat 5.0 \ conf \"

"Extensionuri" = "/Jakarta/isapi_redirector2.dll"

"Loglevel" = "info"

"Serverroot" = "C: \ Tomcat 5.0 \\"

After the Registry file is created, double-click the file and import it to the Registry.

2-5. We can start to configure IIS and enable Internet Information Service. Click the ISAPI filter of the default website.

Add the Jakarta path to c: \ Tomcat 5.0 \ Jakarta \ isapi_redirector2.dll, and click the new virtual directory of the default website.

Repeat the previous step and add the Jakarta path to c: \ Tomcat 5.0 \ Jakarta \ isapi_redirector2.dll.

OK, restart the computer, so the proportion of server insurance is higher! Because the environment variables will take effect due to the restart.

Haha! If you follow the instructions above, open IE and enter http: // /.

Http: // 8080/JSP-examples/the same effect? If yes, it means you have succeeded. If not, it means you have not followed

You are too creative! Haha .. Let's try again .. If there is a will, you can do it! After configuration,

I don't think that restarting the server makes the computer faster. Maybe restarting the computer will get twice the result with half the effort!

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