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[Translated from mos] Main Note, mos mainnote

Main Note-Supplemental Logging and TRANDATA of ogg

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Main Note-Supplemental Logging and TRANDATA for OGG (Doc ID 1537838.1)

Oracle GoldenGate-Version 9.5 _ EA and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.

Before extracting data from the oracle redo log, you need to use the dbloin command from the ggsci command prompt and then use the add trandata command.
By default, oracle only records changed columns for update operations. Normally, this means that the primary key column is not recorded during the update operation.
However, in order to apply the update changes transmitted by the source ogg process on the target database, the replicat process of ogg needs a primary key column.
The add trandata command is not used to allow oracle to record primary key columns for all update operations.
To add a supplemental log (supplemental log data), run the following command on unix. The table name can be replaced. All captured tables must be added with supplemental logs.

$ Cd/ggs $ ggsci
GGSCI (unixserver)> dblogin userid userid ---> Note: After you press enter, ggsci will prompt you to enter the password, which is not listed here.
GGSCI (unixserver)> add trandata schema. <table-name>

Details: -- no translation at the moment.
Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Instantiation from an Oracle Source Database [Document 1276058.1]
Ogg ggsci Add Trandata Fails with OGG-00706 Failed to Add Supplemental Log Group on Table [Document 1357001.1]
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OGG Unable To add trandata Because Of Insufficient Permission [Document 969574.1]
Adding Supplemental Logging With No PK And> 33 Columns (Oracle) add trandata [Document 965993.1]
In Bi-Directional Replication, Supplemental logging via DDL Is NOT Replicated To The Target unless [Document 1472420.1]
OGG: How To Log All Columns With Add Schematrandata To Get NOCOMPRESSUPDATES [Document 1413142.1]
It is recommended to perform a del/add trandata cycle on all tables when upgrading [Document 1299567.1]
Why OGG Warns me "No unique key is defined" When There Is a pk For The Table [Document 1345152.1]
Internal Notes:
Why Add Trandata On Tables Without Primary Key, Can Cause SQL Server 2005 Replication Log Reader St [Document 1060875.1] (Internal Only)
SQLServer 2005-Add Trandata Failed With "Unable To Enable Replication" [Document 1063132.1] (Internal Only)
Effect Of Key Selection Change In OGG V10, On Upgrade Procedure From Earlier Version. [Document 1060879.1] (Internal Only)

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