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Director has four types of scripts:

Behaviors, cast member scripts, movie scripts, parent scripts

In the first three cases, the storage location determines the valid range and lifecycle of the script.

The last one can be understood as a class library.


Operate one 

From the tool panel, pull a button (the last one in the lower right) to the stage,

Right-click cast member script on the button in cast ..

In the script

On mouseup And





Then play the video, and then click the button ....

Why didn't the problem come?

Then add


Alert "multimedia in design is the greatest subject! "

Still not dynamic?


Because the tool panel is not in Classic mode.

Director MX 2004 and later, you must first change mode to classic.


I mentioned at the start that you should useClassicMode buttons.The reason is that the other modes create 

Flash componentButtons, which work in a slightly different way.


The buttons created in other modes are flash component buttons, which work in slightly different ways.

By default, the flash component buttons are set as inactive, which can be changed in property inpector.

The last eventpassmode in flash component is # passnever by default. Change it to # passalways.


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