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dreamweaver| Tutorial Macromedia Official will build in other software fireworks technology called fireworks technology, online also known as the built-in picture editor. The Dreamweaver MX 2004 gives a sense of seamless integration with other products of the Macromedia Company, which shortens the developer's development cycle and improves productivity.

There is no image processing function in the previous Dreamweaver, even if you want to deal with it can only use the relevant filters in CSS to do some changes, and most of the production of special effects we must use fireworks or Photoshop tools. Now, the new version of Dreamweaver MX 2004 integrates a number of simple image processing tools, so that Dreamweaver not only have the functions they should have, but also can be simple to deal with the picture, is not very convenient, below let us understand the detailed characteristics of the tool and use methods.

Select a picture in the Dreamweaver MX 2004 environment, and the built-in picture editor appears in the Properties dialog box below (Figure 1).

Let's take a look at the options in the dialog box. The box is the one we mentioned about the built-in fireworks technology. Let's start with the leftmost copy tool to select a part of the image (Figure 2), where the middle box is the last part we want to keep. In addition, we can also pull the box around the control point to adjust his size and drag its position, select good after press ENTER, how, the image has been we cut a piece of it?

Maybe at this point the picture size still some do not meet our requirements, don't worry, let's change its size. In the picture size display, enter the size you want, such as width 530px, high 280px, when the input, width and height with a swing arrow connected, this function is also unique to the new version of Dreamweaver. If this arrow appears at the size of the picture, it indicates that the picture you are currently selecting has been artificially dragged and dropped, and click the swing arrow if you want to restore the original size. If you want to change the real size of the picture into 530x280 pixels after resizing, then you need to use another new tool resample (Box section 2nd icon), the image size will be adjusted to find the original gray resample tool to brighten, click on the picture will become the size you want. At the same time the actual size of the picture also changed rather than the previous simple stretching changes.

The two tools described above are tools that adjust the size of the picture, and the following two tools are tools for simply changing the image's quality. Brightness and contrast (brightness and contrast, 3rd icon in box), and sharpen (sharpening, Box-part 4th icon).

Click on the first Brightness and Contrast tool icon, pop-up dialog box, you can do some of the darker picture brightness and contrast processing, and fill in the adjusted value (Figure 3).

Change the effect of the picture as shown (Figure 4).

Is there a noticeable change in comparison with the previous diagram? Sharpening tools are used in much the same way as the brightness and contrast tools. Now even if no other image processing software, only simple Dreamweaver in the built-in fireworks technology can also make a simple image later effect, is really convenient!

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