Two basic exercises of the Jazz Drum

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The Jazz Drum technique is not too much, but it absolutely requires the foundation. For example, the single-hop and double-hop compound hops require more than four hours of exercises every day, no matter how good your technology is.

1. after the seat position is positive, the right hand strikes 8 times, the left hand strikes 8 times, and then changes 6 times. 4.3.2. Then, it becomes a single hop. At the beginning, it will take a long time to slow down, and then gradually increase acceleration. In the fight, you must always listen to the tone of your hands, let others hear that you are playing with a hand! Everyone generally feels that the right hand is heavy and the left hand is light. Then you can practice it in the above way. You need to feel that your two hands are competing, instead of leaving your right hand. Over time, your right-hand and left-hand coordination will be good!

2. we are familiar with the various rhythm exercises in the first 8 points and then 16 points. I believe everyone should be familiar with them. However, whether you are playing science or not is correct. I will teach you a method, think of it as a 16-minute note, rlrl, and keep reading 1234 in your mind, or tune it into a 16-minute note with a timer, as shown in the following figure: 1R 2, do not play 3R 4l, the same is true for the first 16 points and the last 8 points. This is the most basic rhythm and the most important thing. Generally, some people do not practice well, so although they will do it later, the pace is unstable!

3. Drum exercises. After you relax your legs, go to the ground drum. Generally, you can buy the Jazz Drum teaching material and practice it slowly. I will not talk about it here!

4. Double hop, rrll. The dual-hop is very important in Jazz Drum learning. You must relax your arm in the fight, and your drumstick should be about 30 degrees away from the drum face for a dual-hop, beginners generally do not pay attention to speed at the beginning, pay attention to steady pace, coordinate both hands, and then slowly increase the speed. It may not be suitable for the accelerator, but you must overcome this difficulty!

5. Compound hop. Here we will teach you four compound hop exercises: 1 rrlr llrl 2 rllr lrrl. 3 rlrr lrll 4 rlrl lrlr! Remember to train these four skills, which will certainly help you in the future! However, the premise is that you can perform this kind of exercise after completing the Single and Double hops.

6. Master parts like Jazz Drum! Here I suggest you purchase the book "", which will be more specific! In addition, various styles and rhythms are well spoken!

Everyone who sincerely loves the Jazz Drum should not only train the foundation and various rhythms, but also learn the basic music, harmony, and understanding! However, you must keep your beats stable. It depends on normal exercises! Here, I wish you all a better experience! The above is just my personal drum learning experience, and my professor taught me this way, so there are many shortcomings in it. I hope you can correct me! Thank you.



Hot Hands exercise: exercise balance between left and right hands. Stability and speed.

Before each exercise, you must have warm exercises to help your bones and muscles to survive, avoid injury, and achieve the best effect during exercise. Therefore, hot hands are also the first required procedure before practice.

The above hot hands exercises can be performed in three ways:

The first type is a manual exercise that uses only the wrist (not too long, because it may cause muscle tension) without holding the least-end finger of a small drum stick ).

The second type is the normal grip and stick position.

The third approach is to exercise the speed at the normal position of the hand without moving your fingers. This exercise aims to train the finger's sensitivity and increase its muscle strength. It can be of great help in future speed techniques. Because speed is an important part of the fight technique. In terms of speed, the finger occupies a very important position.

Pay attention to the stability of the camera and the balance between the left and right hands when practicing the drum. The technique is the exchange cycle exercise by the A-B-A-B (in order to be left and right hands can be used as the starting balance exercise )!! Note that the height of the left-hand cannot be too different. The hit location should be as close as possible (the tone requirement ). Pay special attention not to emphasize !! For the last mention, please use the timer, from slow to fast.

Basic Skills

(R = right hand l = left hand)

Single HOP:



Double HOP:






Rlr lrl

Compound HOP:

Rlrr lrll

Rllr lrrl

Lrll rlrr

Lrrl rllr

The exercises for the feet are basically the same as those for the hands.

The above knowledge lists the most basic exercises. You can use your brain to extend your own exercises to these basic exercises.

You can master the exercise time on your own ~~~ If the general conditions permit, the day should be kept for at least two hours. What I want to suggest is not to put all the time on the drum during exercises, but also to train my brain, therefore, you have to master the assignment of exercise time. You need to spend half of your time thinking about your exercises, preparation, and other things that you cannot beat ~~~ Do not ignore the exercises on the brain. This is often the decisive factor!

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