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Hello, everyone. I am snow leopard, for a long time did not come to share the SEO dry goods, not want to share with you, is a lot of things recently, did not take the time to share, oh, nonsense do not say, today to you bring me this is nearly two months of a site actual case sharing. Because of some reasons, the author started in mid-October this year to do a local real estate portal site, lasted nearly two months time, many key words have been on the home page, now to share with you about the local portal station a practical share.

First of all, if you want to do a local website, then your server is best to select local or peripheral IDC, because you are facing the local city users, you want to let them feel faster, so that there will be a good user experience, so the choice of space is the most important.

Second, choose a good space, the next step is to choose a good domain name, now we all feel good domain name less and more, the author is this feeling, selected for a long time, the final selection of 591FCW. COM this domain name, homophonic I will be real estate network, so that users remember that a good memory of the domain name is also a key aspect.

Third, it is natural to choose the procedure, because the local portal to do good, then the first nature is to have a column of information, so that every day to send some news, to the site some updates, in addition, because the author positioning is the real estate network, so, new buildings, second-hand housing, rent, brokers are also essential to one aspect of In addition, in order to have a better user experience, get more people support, so I also added a forum, so you can bind customers, give visitors a platform for communication.

Four, the site preparation is completed, the nature is to start, early, mainly to the content of the site, the chain almost do not do, and occasionally do dot Baidu know the question and answer platform, lead the flow, and then ensure that the new real estate every day to add, second-hand housing information and rental information regularly to update the content of the main collection of local other stations, the content of the , Update 10 Real estate information every day. This maintenance for one months, although not how to do outside the chain, but because the site is handled properly, so many keywords have been highlighted rankings.

Five, with the site update, included in the stability, Baidu review period is also almost over, so the next step to start the chain of construction, this is not my nonsense, this everyone knows, with the increase of the chain, the content of the rich, PV increased, natural rankings also in a little bit of the rise, now a lot of keywords have been on the home page, There are also some on the second page.

Through the above actual combat sharing, snow leopard just want to tell you, the new station do optimization is not difficult, it is difficult to insist, or that sentence, your execution is good, natural rankings will not have problems, if you are interested, you can come to my station to see, Texas real Estate Trading network http://, we learn to progress together, welcome to reprint this article, but the reprint please with the connection, after all, typing very tired, reprint please be sure to bring links, offenders must investigate, welcome to share AH. Also welcome everyone into the group 138917321 and I discuss learning ah.

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