Ubuntu 14.04 Installation field coding software Nominatim process

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a.Required Software:

in the The software that the Ubuntu system compiles to perform the Nominatim software system must be installed:

1.GCC compiler

2.postgresql Database






8.PEAR::D b




two.install the necessary packages

Apt-get Install build-essential Libxml2-dev libgeos-dev Libpq-devlibbz2-dev

Apt-get install gcc proj-bin libgeos-c1 osmis

Apt-get install php5 php-pear php5-pgsql Php5-json php-db

Apt-get Install PostgreSQL PostGIS Postgresql-contribpostgresql-9.3-postgis

because the imported geographic data format is PBF, you need to install PBF support software

Apt-get Install Libprotobuf-c0-dev Protobuf-c-compiler

in the Debian system,the GEOS is required to have a package

Apt-get Install Libgeos++-dev


Open The postgresql.conf file in /etc/postgresql/9.3/main , setting for example the following properties:

Fsync = Off

Full_page_writes = Off

The detailed commands are:

sudo vim/etc/postgresql/9.3/main in the postgresql.conf

three.installationNominatim1.Download Source code

wget http://www.nominatim.org/release/Nominatim-2.2.0.tar.bz2

Tar xvf nominatim-2.2.0.tar.bz2

CD Nominatim-2.2.0




2.in theNominatimin the folderSettingsNew in Folderlocal.phpfiles,

Configuration such as the following:



@define (' const_postgresql_version ', ' 9.3 ');

@define (' const_postgis_version ', ' 2.1 ');

@define (' Const_website_baseurl ', ' http://localhost/nominatim/');

3.NewPostgresUser account:

1. Create a new import account

AddUser < own username,example:mypg>

passwd <password>



The interface switches to the interactive interface of the database, typing such as the following command:

CREATE USER < own username,Example:mypg>with PASSWORD <PASSWORD>

exit the database interaction interface, typing command:\q

Switch to root

New Site User:


to change Read permissions for Nominatim:

chmod +x/soft_src

chmod +x/soft_src/nominatim-2.2.0

chmod +x/soft_src/nominatim-2.2.0/module

pour the downloaded OSM data, and index it:

Download data address for (PBF format):


import PBF data:

./nominatim-2.2.0/utils/setup.php--osm-file< own downloaded pbf data,shanghai.osm.pbf>--all [-- Osm2pgsql-cache]

Add additional fields:

./nominatim-2.2.0/utils/specialphrases.php–countries >specialphrases_countries.sql

psql-d nominatim-f Specialphrases_countries.sql

./nominatim-2.2.0/utils/specialphrases.php–wiki-import >specialphrases.sql

psql-d nominatim-f Specialphrases.sql

To establish a site:

sudo mkdir-m 755/var/www/nominatim

sudo chown <your username>/var/www/nominatim


To configure the Apache Environment:

Open /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default, Add for example the following at the end:

<directory "/var/www/nominatim/" >

Options FollowSymLinks MultiViews

AddType text/html. php


To restart the Apache Service:

Service Apache2 Restart

add mypg permissions to the database Nominatim :


Psql template1

GRANT all privileges on DATABASE Nominatim to MYPG



Browser Login:http://http://localhost/nominatim/

See www-data user has no database read and write permissions, if not, then open /etc/apache2/envvars, change



Ubuntu 14.04 Installation field coding software Nominatim process

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