Ubuntu 14.10 under DokuWiki installation

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Ubuntu 14.10 64-bit

1 Downloads dokuwiki:http://download.dokuwiki.org/

2 Unzip to/var/www/html below

3 If you do not have apace and PHP installed, you need to install

sudo apt-get install apache2 php5

4 after extracting DokuWiki, also need to set its permissions, increase the Write permission, otherwise instal will be error

5 Start apace, the browser opens the Localhost/dokuwiki, will jump to the installation interface, enter some information, it can be installed, after the installation is ready to try

6 security settings, because after the default installation, after the administrator logged in, the red box will pop up, prompting you to safely set the wrong:docuwiki Your data directory is not properly secured

6.1 Enter/etc/apache2/sites-available, edit the 000-default.conf file, add the following:

<Directory/var/www/dokuwiki>            order deny,allow        allow by all </directory >        "/(data|conf|bin|inc)/">            orderallow,deny            deny From all            satisfy        </LocationMatch>

6.2 Restart Apache, be sure to rewrite

sudo a2enmod rewrite && sudo service apache2 restart

There is no annoying cue box to enter the Management section here.



Ubuntu 14.10 under DokuWiki installation

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