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"Hunan Dwarf Network Technology" inspiration, sometimes much like love. You think you are waiting, happy love will come to yourself ... And the fact is: the more you wait, the longer you wait, the longer you will wait.


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Before the beginning, the dwarf technology's small part first said a frequently appearing scene.

When you accidentally see a piece of work, in admiration and envy at the same time, I am afraid the most want to ask the question is:

"‵o′, how did he get inspired by this great God, NB?"

"How did you think of this design?"

"What have you seen inspired?" This kind of problem.

However, what I want to say is that there is a cognitive misunderstanding in this kind of problem.

Why is it?

We are always accustomed to sitting "such inspiration", and so on "get" inspiration, and then quickly create a shocking world of ghosts and spirits of the works. But in many cases you just sit there and wait. Wait until the deadline, you just burn casually find an online copy under the forget ... This is very bad.

(In fact, the small part of the technology of the small dwarf in Hunan until now also will do so occasionally, as if not from the experience of the past years to comprehend what, this may be the weakness of human nature--| |)


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Inspiration, sometimes much like love. You think you are waiting, happy love will come to yourself ... And the fact is: the more you wait, the longer you wait, the longer you will wait.

As a result, you find that you have no girlfriend in college, working for several years is still a person in the company → road → Rental house 3.1 lines of life. Or you are lucky, accidentally hit a female (spirit) friend (sense). But what I want to say is that you can't control your luck, or the so-called "inspiration." All you can do is take control of yourself, and you can put yourself in a position where it's easier to "meet" luck and inspiration.

In reality, we usually work under pressure, and in many cases we don't have time to stop and think about what we should be thinking about. Under pressure, we need to go all out to the goal, and the inspiration for the appeal is all focused on a clear goal. It's just that the harder you push, the more you focus, and the inspiration doesn't always come.

Think of the idea as a randomly distributed point around us, as shown in.


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When we strictly control the direction of thinking and force ourselves to focus on a definite goal for exploration, our direction of travel is difficult to meet with those points. However, try to let go of the constraints of the goal, so that their direction of thinking and the way of exploration more dynamic and random-for example, I would go for a walk, see a movie, read a class-whatever, it is important to spread their thinking as far as possible in different directions, so that we can have a higher chance of collision with the inspiration.

The first key point is: You have to move immediately to warm up your brain and hands.

Even explore solutions that you don't think are enough to inspire exciting ideas. The so-called inspiration will only appear after you have moved.

Picasso (The Little dwarf technology, my most admired artist) once said: "Inspiration does exist, but it needs us to find out." This is exactly the opposite of what we have always understood as "getting inspiration before starting work", but the reality is that.

So, the next time you're saying, "Wait, I don't have the inspiration," I should know how to do it. Move immediately, create inspiration for yourself, and don't wait.

Get more inspiration and need to get into the virtuous circle of inspiration.

This cycle starts with your attitude, relies on your constant thinking and experimenting, and finally draws inspiration, and then the knowledge you accumulate for this inspiration can be the starting point for your next inspiration. (Many of the bridges in the movie are some xx's, because something gets a certain inspiration, and then the work of the Bull Day is created.) In fact, they have this virtuous circle, have this inspiration. But the film won't tell you so much about his previous attempts. )


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Pay attention to the things around you and really appreciate them.

Only appreciate and like, will be seen after the impression, will have nothing to go to every place to plunder the beautiful things. If you have a heart, watch a movie, play a game, read a magazine, go to a place to play, will unconsciously put these in your mind, when you want to use these things will unconsciously in the brain constantly appear. Develop their own healthy habits of life, inspiration from life, from the heart, no style of designers difficult to make tall things.

Inspiration is not singular and requires divergence and systematization.

The rational divergence of a design indicator is the shortest way to collect inspiration. Diversity of thinking and trying. It takes a problem in your heart, constantly thinking and contrasting, and trying to be wrong, so that what you see in life can be your inspiration.

The problem in your mind may be to set a style for the product, or the new function should be in what form, or what narrative way to tell the story. Only you have been thinking about this problem, you will encounter each related to the time to think about the connection between them, the beauty of the work of others reflected in where, I can learn from this idea. If you put a problem in your heart, you will continue to carve out your ideas, try different solutions, and someday you'll probably be inspired.


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Actively enrich their own library of materials, and regularly organized.

Inspiration is not just a moment floating on the surface of an iceberg, potentially underwater, your accumulated power and the mental power of inspiration. And it is because of your long persistence that the moment of inspiration becomes so wonderful.

Multi-communication, multi-collaboration

After the completion of the design, should first in the design Group self-audit, the benign communication between designers is also a good inspiration exchange.


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Love life

Finding a favorite sport and sticking to it for a long time seems to have nothing to do with inspiration, but it subtly influences the inner accomplishment of a designer. (Although most designers do not like sports, hehe, I myself also belong to the dragged type, but the sun is always good)

Said all these. Specific to where to find inspiration I will not say, feel free to search on the internet is a lot. The key point is still to move. Let the brain and hands move up. Then the inspiration will come right away. The above information by the Dwarf Network science and technology release, more information please check the company's official website (www.hnxar.com). If you want to know more can come to the company, address: Changsha Furong City, 51 Avenue, No. No. 766, Zhongtian Plaza 7035 room.

UI design Inspiration-how can you get

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