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Ultrafilesearch file search allows you to easily find file folders and text

Ultra file search is a search utility which is able to find quickly files,
Folders and text on your local, network, DVD, CD-ROM, USB hard or flash drives.



File mask

* (Asterisk)-the file name corresponds to any group of characters (for example, "*. txt" means all files with. txt extension)

? (Question mark)-the file name corresponds to any character (for example, "name ?. TXT ")

Wildcard characters can be used together (for example, "Name ??. * "Or" *. TX? ')

Multiple masks are separated by the following symbols: (Space), (comma),; (semicolon), |

''(Space), ',' (comma), ';' (semicolon), '|' (PIPE)

For example, 'name1 name2 namen' or 'name1; name2; namen' or 'name1 name2, name3; name4 | namen'

Search Path-where to find the file.

Separate multiple drives or folders with "|:
(For example, 'folder1 | folder2 | foldern' or 'drive1 | drive2 | driven' or 'drive1 | folder1 | driven | foldern ')



This online storage is not allowed to use the download tool.

Please do not use the download tool to download


Chinese version 2nd: Continue to modify the original Chinese characters. Remove all junk files

As for the reason for continued localization, the software is too easy to use. I have used it to replace the search functions of Vista and win 7 ......


Http://www.91box.net /? X8b61e2jz6ib8h8i0zrj


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