Understanding of UIP (implementation of a MVC model)-framework provided by Microsoft

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AddedCodeTo maximize the decoupling between interfaces and implementations. It is used to easily implement workflows and process modification becomes very easy,
It is more conducive to the division of labor and cooperation of large-scale projects. Solved the problem of backend in B/S mode and provided the system snapshot function, similar to saving disks in the game. :) you can exit a job at a certain time, and then wait for a different period of time, different locations, starting from the snapshot again, continue to complete (B/S) to solve the Session Timeout problem. It is suitable for large projects with complicated processes and many interfaces...

Basic concepts of UIP framework
Benefits of the UIP framework
Introduction to General B/S Development Mode
UIP application and B/S
Problems solved by UIP

The user interface process (UIP) Application Block provides an extended framework.
Provides a simplified way to separate the user interface from the commercial logic code.
You can use it to develop complex, reusable, and extended user interface navigation and workflow processes.

ApplicationProgramYou must use code to manage user interfaces. For example, a form determines the next form to be presented to the user. Developers can write the code in the middle of the UI code. -- The code is complex, difficult to reuse, and scalable.
The application must maintain a state. If the status is stored in the form. The code needs to enter the form to retrieve the status. -- If several forms are developed and are displayed sequentially, you must modify the forms at both ends when you need to insert a new form in the middle.

When a user applies the system, he may start a task-> quit (for something)-> come back and continue. If the application is disabled, it will lose its current status and needs to start from scratch.
Therefore, when designing a program, consider workflow, navigation, and interaction with business logic,

UIP provides a simple way to isolate the business logic code and user interface. You can use the UIP to write complex user interface navigation and workflow processing.
navigation and workflow control-should not be embedded on the interface. The business logic is usually used to determine the presentation of the next form
navigation and workflow change-the usual interface technology, which is complicated
maintenance status-System Snapshot. It is restored on another machine at another time.
UIP provides an infrastructure for developing navigation and workflows. In addition, you can reuse extensions as needed.
the UIP is based on the MVC mode.
M-application in the state class. User information and control information stored in user interface processing,
V-The application creates a view in your application using webformview.
abstract all navigation and workflow code from the user interface.
the same model can be used. process different types of applications
get all status management code from the user interface
implement snapshots.
the workflow of an application is a business process, not a user interface process. The control should be placed outside the user interface layer. In this way, the extension and maintenance are more convenient.
UIP abstracts the workflow code from the user interface layer and obtains the user interface processing layer.
the same compiling mode of C/s B/S is reused to the maximum extent.
state management is extracted. Usually stored on the user interface layer. UIP is stored in a general generic State object and can be read using block classes.
this means that any view can work with the UIP state without the need to know the information of any other view memory, or how to get it. If the View class is changed, the State Management Code does not need to be changed.
it is difficult to save snapshots at any time.
If the user shuts down the system or the browser, it is difficult to restore to the previous status
UIP can be promoted at pre-determined intervals. In a specific independent storage or database, for the sake of future malicious applications
1 web session resume-allows users to save information in the browser, next time, you can start from where he left.
2. web session transfer-allows the user to suspend the session. another user can use pick up in another place
3 in different applications. -C/S-> B/S

4. Develop discrete tasks-help you develop package tasks. Register a user and log out of the user. Finally, it can be integrated into a complete job. Information can be transmitted in each task.
5 State Persistence: allows you to search for the state of the village.
6. Extended Navigation Management-provides a large number of options for passing between views to Windo.
Extended status storage-storage retrieval status, encrypted data
Layout management = provides the logic for user layout management
User Navigation Management-use traditional logic to determine whether a user is allowed to navigate to a URL, or use back, forward
Improve applicable-scalable UIP Schema

Configuration File-UIP uses configuration information to determine the data type, user interfaces, navigation methods, and views.
Controller-UIP usually contains multiple controls to implement comprehensive control between users and programs.
The controller contains a navigation method, which is called by the user interface elements to determine the next interface to be presented to the user.

The Controller is an appearance of the underlying business elements of the application. It regulates the interaction between the user interface layer and business elements. At the same time, it controls the process of the user interface. The controller is used in the application and pointed out in the config file.
Inherit from controllerbase and define methods
1 write, read State
2 control navigation

Search for parameters and data. When a task starts or starts again
Navigation graph contains a start point and an end point. There are many points in the middle.
Define the navigation graph to use the next view for each node in the Processing Layer of the user interface, depending on the different values set by the controler
Define navigation graphs in XML



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