Unity3d Game of the Kunlun game won [Angry Bird]IP Development Authorization

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Dog Planing Learning Network reports/Kunlun listed after 10 consecutive trading days to let domestic shareholders XI, and the last night in Beijing, the Kunlun listing appreciation meeting, Zhou boss "extravagantly 1888 shares" of the local tyrants lottery to let the industry feel the great Kunlun. after the successful listing, Kunlun in the hand-tour business will have what big move? Today, the Kunlun Games officially announced, has been with the world famous mobile game Developers Rovio Entertainmentltd (hereinafter referred to as "Rovio") signed an authorization agreement to obtain Rovio's "Angry Birds" IP in China's exclusive hand-tour development authorization, The two sides will jointly operate the developed hand-tour products in a number of global markets, including China. And in Gamelook's impression, this is Rovio for the first time to authorize the core IP Angry Birds to external developers. Kunlun Game said that the licensing cooperation will be conducive to its increased mobile game independent research and development process, with the use of well-known IP to enhance the impact of self-play. At the same time, the use of "Angry Birds" in the global market to further expand global market share, especially in Europe and the United States market. "Angry Birds" is a world-renowned entertainment brand. The Angry Birds series has seen more than 2.5 billion downloads since 2009, when Rovio launched its first Angry Birds game. Today, the "Angry Birds" business covers publishing, licensing, animation, books, and theme parks. about Rovio Entertainment: Angry Bird creator, Rovio Entertainment company, headquartered in Finland, is a disruptive entertainment media company dedicated to combining digital and physical creativity to break the boundaries of traditional content dissemination. A casual game, launched in 2009, quickly became a global phenomenon in just a few months. Today, Angry Birds are not only the most downloaded games, but also a global entertainment brand, covering areas such as publishing, licensing, animation, books and theme parks. Rovio's angry bird animated film will be released in the summer of 2016.

about Kunlun Games:Kunlun Game is the world of Kunlun Games issued by the brand, since 08 into the field of web games, after 6 years of development, currently including hand-tour, page tour, end-trip research and development and distribution of 3 game line of business. Kunlun Games since 2009 began to vigorously expand overseas business, online game business covering dozens of countries and regions, relying on the first advantage, product quality advantages, localization processing technology and excellent marketing capabilities, established a mature global distribution network. 2013, the Kunlun game by virtue of "Martial arts Q Biography" formally entered the hand-tour issue, has launched in many markets around the world "the Island," "Sword Soul Blade" (Mainland China), "Heroes of the Soul", "King 2" (Korea region) and "Pa three", "Tai Chi Panda" (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and Disclaimer: This document is from the "Dog Planing Learning Network" community, is the Netizen self-published Unity3d study articles, if there is any content violated your relevant interests, please communicate with the official, we will deal with the real-time.

Unity3d Game of the Kunlun game won [Angry Bird]IP Development Authorization

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