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  • Low-quality software can cause significant losses

Although this seems like a common sense, it seems that many people are not aware of this. Otherwise, why are there still worrying low-quality products on the market? Therefore, it is always necessary to emphasize this obvious fact. Just extract two examples to add some images:

  1. In 1999, NASA lost $0.125 billion in "Mars meteorological observation orbit Spacecraft" and $0.165 billion in "Polar login" detectors due to software errors within three months;
  1. Intel had to recycle the Pentium chip produced for three lines of wrong code, consuming a total of $0.4 billion;

However, this is not the biggest loss caused by low-quality software products. Among the many failed software products, these two examples are just a drop in the ocean; so if you are creating a software, be sure not to make it a waste of human resources.

  • High-quality jobs save time and money

This article should also become a common sense. If so, in order to save time and money, people should do a good job of quality. It is a pity that we often sacrifice quality for time and money, while thinking that this can "save time and money ".

We can see that there is a phenomenon in many places: Someone asks that the project must be completed in a shorter time and less money; then a low quality project will be generated; the result is either that the project is forced to end, and the investment is full; or that it takes more time, more money, and the products it receives are not satisfactory. Is this a curse?

As a matter of fact, when you think deeply, you can understand that, compared with low-quality jobs, high-quality jobs have fewer bugs to fix, avoiding a lot of rework and communication, it is not easy to make everyone tired. The above lists the most time-consuming and costly things that often happen in the later stages of the project. Another important difference is that, high-quality jobs prevent possible confusions in the team to a large extent, and the destruction of a project by chaos is often fatal.

  • High quality is the result of management.

The third fact based on quality is that high quality is the result of management, and it does not happen naturally;

The reason why we emphasize this is that we also see some strange phenomena: some projects never invest time and money in quality, but expect the product to automatically obtain high quality. How can this happen?

Organizing a group of people to work together for a project is not a simple task. If no coordination or organization is necessary, a simple task may fail to be completed. In this case, in order to obtain high-quality products, someone must perform quality management. In this case, you must invest time and energy to reap the benefits. It is the law of nature.

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