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How to do a software requirement analyst (transferred)

software needs people more need to understand the business components, service, software module integration, reuse and other aspects of the technical content. There is also a need to understand the content involved in UCD, interaction design, which are important inputs to form a high-quality software business system.A

Structural analysis software structural analyst of frame Installations (SAFI) V6.5.2-iso 1CD

Structural analysis software structural analyst of frame Installations (SAFI) V6.5.2-iso 1CDSafi is a structural analysis software developed by Canadian Safi Quality Software Inc., which is widely used in various structural analysis, such as steel structure analysis, concret

Software Engineering-Software Quality Control, software architecture, and comprehensive software development experience

It takes more than two years to develop programs! Make a small summary! Status Quo, At present, many software companies in China are still working in small workshops! After receiving a project, let's discuss how to do it. After the boss decides to make a decision, let's split our heads! As a result, a project started, and everyone was busy in the early stage! Everyone has their own jobs (some companies are

Who can talk about the actual situation of the foreign software industry? (The "50 good jobs" Software Engineer ranks first in the United States)

vacation each year, only 43rd people are listed in the ranking. Compared with "Hard indicators" such as salary increase prospects and salaries, "soft indicators" such as work pressure, work freedom, and creativity are also an important factor for selecting experts in the "Best Job rankings. Therefore, the average working time is the shortest (30 hours per week), and the vacation time is the longest (31 days per year) university professors, lecturers, and administrative staff ranked second in

Software Development Quality Management Hierarchical Model

wide range of personal qualities, including multiple aspects, including learning ability, summarizing ability, learning experience, enterprising spirit, social ability, responsibility, self-control, achievement motivation, flexibility, creative potential, management potential, work attitude, honest level, etc. The key is to give full play to your own strengths based on your own characteristics. At the same time, you must have excellent and basic skills to learn from your own talents. Everyone w

Software Development Quality Management Hierarchical Model

to this learning when working as a programmer. However, when a programmer is promoted to a designer, analyst, or project manager, there are often some knowledge and skills required to learn a new role, I thought everything would happen when I learned something. 3.2 Team Quality The scope of the quality of the software

Write 75 of high quality software experience _ Classic NET Pick

75 experiences of how to write high quality software in the right way1. Does your project team use source code management tools?MVM: It should be used. VSS, CVS, PVCS, ClearCase, Ccc/harvest, Firefly are all available. My choice is VSS.2. Does your project team use the defect management system?MVM: It should be used. ClearQuest is too complicated, my recommendation is bugzilla.3. Are your test groups still

Upright view-facts about software quality

Low-quality software can cause significant losses Although this seems like a common sense, it seems that many people are not aware of this. Otherwise, why are there still worrying low-quality products on the market? Therefore, it is always necessary to emphasize this obvious fact. Just extract two examples to add some images: In 1999, NASA lost $0.125 billion

Elaborate on software quality attributes

-space" Efficiency of the software, rather than the running speed of the software. People always want the software to run faster and consume less resources. In the old society, landlords treat long jobs like this: they need to hurry up and eat less. Programmers can improve software

My view on software testing---quality of the article

No matter what to do, to do faster and better, is required to have some quality, some qualities are innate, such as character, preference, etc., and some qualities areThe day after tomorrow can be cultivated, such as technology, language, thinking, morality and so on, peopleOften said: Personality determines fate. It makes me feel depressed, if that's true,I think most of us programmers are really poor one, thinking back a long way to the future, such

One of the best practices for Software Quality Assurance: Code Review and Case Review)

design test cases. There are also many benefits:Before designing the test case, we will consider a variety of factors and think clearly about the design concept-improving the coverage rate.Carefully write each test case-Improving the quality of a single caseEarly detection of test case problems, including areas of mutual influence.Mutual LearningEasier to maintain test case Code review and test caseReview also contains the idea of "Defect Prevention.

Book picking-The quality of a good software tester

From "Software Testing"In the movie Star Trek 2-Khan Rage, Spock said: "In the History of the universe, destruction is always easier than creation." "From the surface, software testers seem to be easier to work with than programmers, and it's obviously easier to analyze code and find software flaws than to write code from scratch." Surprisingly, that's not the ca

The quality that a good software tester must have

People are the most valuable and important resource in testing, and without a qualified and active Test team, testing is impossible. However, in many companies that do not attach importance to testing, there is a very common habit, that is, the least experienced novice, inefficient developers or those who are not suitable for other jobs to do the testing work. This is definitely a short-sighted behavior, and the skills required to effectively test a s

Experience in writing good quality software in the correct way

possible. BizTalk and Sharepoint are the best examples. With these two as the basis, the starting point can be improved a lot. Or you can try to use the ready-to-use Control. Or try to use XML instead of Parse a text file. Try to use RegExp instead of operating strings from the beginning. This is the embodiment of "Software Reuse.35. Will you stop and consolidate the code after a while?Yes. It takes about one month. It is rumored that at the beginnin

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