Who can talk about the actual situation of the foreign software industry? (The "50 good jobs" Software Engineer ranks first in the United States)

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After reading the report <top 50 good job software engineers in the United States>, I think it is a bit mysterious and I have always known that the income gap is very large. But is the treatment of foreign software really so high (average annual New 0.5 million RMB )? In addition, I am not very clear about the treatment of the software industry in the United States and European developed countries. Who can talk about your understanding and experience?
(On the homepage, I hope more friends and software experts can see and share your experiences. If you try to develop abroad, will you ?)

From csdn.net
<Ranking 1 among the "50 good jobs" software engineers in the United States>
According to Xinhua news agency, according to data from the U. S. Department of Labor, combined with job salaries, salary increases prospects, work pressure and freedom, and other factors, in the May s, The American Magazine money published the "50 good jobs" selected from about 250 occupations ". As a result, the software engineer named "Qunfang" as the best job in the United States ".

Software engineers stand out in the selection mainly based on the following aspects: the software industry itself has a strong salary increase prospects, coupled with an average annual salary of $80.5 thousand and Its Potential creativity. These factors are enough to bring the software engineer to the top of the "best job ranking in the United States.

In contrast, even though the dentist earned a high income, it earned an average annual salary of $0.1228 million. However, since the dentist can only enjoy 14 days of vacation each year, only 43rd people are listed in the ranking.

Compared with "Hard indicators" such as salary increase prospects and salaries, "soft indicators" such as work pressure, work freedom, and creativity are also an important factor for selecting experts in the "Best Job rankings. Therefore, the average working time is the shortest (30 hours per week), and the vacation time is the longest (31 days per year) university professors, lecturers, and administrative staff ranked second in the "best errand list" with their "unique advantages.

According to the survey, the most common complaints about occupations are "work pressure" (28%), "no promotion space" (20%), and "too many" (20% ).

The data shows that jobs in the science and health field account for 1/3 of the "top 50", most of which require practitioners to have a university degree or above.

Top 10 errands

1. Software Engineer, with an annual salary of $80427
2. university professors, with an annual salary of 81491 USD
3. investment consultant, with an annual salary of 122462 USD
4. Human Resources Manager, with an annual salary of 73731 USD
5. assistant physician, with an annual salary of $75117
6. Market Research Analyst, with an annual salary of $82317
7. Computer/Information practitioners, with an annual salary of $83317
8. Real estate evaluators, with an annual salary of $66216
9. Pharmacists, with an annual salary of $91998
10. The annual salary of a psychiatrist is USD 66359 \ (the above annual salary is an average)

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