"Xun Mao" @ Screen remover is a major trend in the development of the industry!!!

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With the concern of people's water pollution, various water treatment industries springing up rapidly. Looking to the future, screen deodorant products are still a major trend of industry development, only screen deodorant can realize the sustainable development we have been advocating, and realize the common development and harmonious development of enterprise and environment, society. We Gongyi all Hing Filter Industry Co., Ltd. efforts to build the industry's famous brand development of the screen in addition to the foam device. Unique screen deodorant products add unlimited charm, the common pursuit of the great blueprint for the development of environmental protection. The pursuit of high-end development, is relative to the opportunity, is a pulse with the development of science and technology, and constantly adjust the product management, won the development opportunities, build the best development space, and constantly improve the ability to lead and support industry development, and further promote the promotion of all-hing filter material development. Our production of screen deodorant products through high-end equipment and advanced technology to build quality, through quality to develop their own brand, so that everyone's mouth quality of the screen in addition to foam products, through the tangible and intangible value chain of effective integration, rapid formation of benign interaction, and comprehensively promote the development of water treatment products. Through independent research and development, for the economic market to provide first-class technology and products, screen in addition to foam product positioning high, high quality requirements, strong technical innovation, strong service capability and a series of strict requirements.
We draw on the domestic and foreign advanced technology, according to the needs of customers to improve, the introduction of new screen in addition to foam products in the market is particularly popular, absorbing the advanced technology at home and abroad, to prolong the use of the screen de-foam device time. We invite you to jointly develop the future market of environmental protection industry, and create brilliant achievements to meet new challenges.
Product Name: Screen de-foaming device
Product Description: Exhaust gas purification, according to different circumstances need to carry out dust, light solution and other processes, in the process of deep purification of exhaust gas, often need to remove water vapor, to achieve normal operation of equipment. The use of stainless steel screen deodorant, can effectively remove the mist in the exhaust gas, small wind resistance, easy to install. Can be customized according to customer specifications to achieve satisfactory results required products.

The principle of screen de-foaming device:
When the particles larger droplets and the mist screen collision, if its weight is greater than the strength of the front of the gas, droplets will be removed from the fog screen marked dripping, to achieve separation; for smaller droplets, there is a process of growth and separation. carry a small liquid droplets of gas through the mist screen, droplet and screen collision, adhesion or adsorption down, the more and more droplets are adsorbed, the small droplets attached to the filaments gradually grow up, until the large droplets in gravity, along the filament downward movement, to the bottom of the screen mist remover, Drip down in the form of large droplets to achieve gas-liquid separation. This shows that for particles of small droplets, the screen in addition to the foam will play a more prominent role.

NET block structure of screen de-foaming device:
The screen block of the foam remover has two kinds of structure: disc and bar. The disc mesh block is wrapped in corrugated wire mesh to the desired mesh diameter. Disk-shaped mesh blocks are only suitable for comparison of small-diameter de-300~600mm, generally in diameter. The bar mesh block is a corrugated wire mesh layer layer to the required thickness, and then with the addition of the foam device grille fixed. The circular mesh blocks are assembled from several pieces of bar mesh blocks. This is the general structure type, special requirements of the situation, according to customer requirements production.

Deodorant Material:
①. Wire mesh and foam remover frame and all stainless steel plate supporting member;
②. Wire mesh for stainless steel, in addition to the foam frame and supporting components for carbon steel;
③. Other wire or non-wire for wire mesh, frame and support member is stainless steel or carbon steel.
Screen Deodorant Advantages: pressure reduction, high collection efficiency, air flow through the rapid, easy maintenance, special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, cost-effective, wide range of applications, metal or non-metallic screen multilayer coverage, installation, operation and maintenance are very convenient. Easy to install into all process equipment; When the equipment size is limited, the installation of the product is a cost-effective solution, high efficiency, pressure reduction, in the case of an emergency, the product can be removed.

Xun Mao screen de-foaming device website:
HC Website: https://apxxmjs.b2b.hc360.com/
Steel Mesh Website: http://www.gangbanwangxm.com
An Pingxun Mao screen de-foaming Plant---15512999172

"Xun Mao" @ Screen remover is a major trend in the development of the industry!!!

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