Use C # To develop the smartphone software: Push box (8)

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This is "using C # To develop smartphone software: Push box" Series Article . This article introduces the smartphone version of the push box.
Yesterday, according to the requirements of the netizen "mobile", the smartphone version of the push box was completed. You can click Here Download. Put the decompressed pushboxstd.exe file in the pushbox directory after being decompressed by the Pocket PC phone version, and copy the entire pushbox directory together to the smartphone. Because smartphone does not have a touch screen and supports a small number of controls, all functions of "menu-> data" are canceled in this version. However, the data files used are
The Pocket PC phone version is exactly the same, so if you need to design a level, you can use pushbox.exe to design it, and then copy it
Develop for Pocket PC phone devices Program Windows Mobile 6 is required Professional SDK refresh, while developing programs for smartphone devices requires Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK refresh. These two sdks can be found in Here Download. There is a good article on Microsoft's website about developing smartphones: New features provided by Windows Mobile 6 for developers .
Change the push Box program to the smartphone version. The following changes are made:
1. On smartphone, there can be at most two level-1 menu items (menuitem) in the main form's main menu (mainmenu). Otherwise, a notsupportedexception exception will be thrown during running. This should be because smartphone does not have a touch screen, and two level-1 menu items are controlled by the "Left" and "right" soft keys. Arabic numerals such as "1", "2", and "3" are automatically added to level 2 and above menu items for convenient control through the mobile phone's digital keyboard.
2. Because smartphone does not support the status bar control, the status information is in the main form:
Protected override void Onpaint (Painteventargs E)
Call the E. Graphics. drawstirng () method in the method and draw it directly below the customer area.
3. Because smartphone does not support buttons, buttons such as "OK" and "cancel" in the "options" dialog box are replaced by corresponding level-1 menu items.
4. The numbericupdown control is replaced by the Textbox Control.
5. The trackbar control is replaced by the Textbox Control.
6. The ListBox control is replaced by the List View control.
7. The corresponding control cannot be found for the tab control, so you do not need to use it.
8. Because smartphone does not support touch screens, all functions of menu> data are canceled. It is difficult to control the keyboard when designing the level.

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