Use Devstack to quickly install OpenStack on CentOS 7

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Preparation environment:

1) Minimum installation of CentOS 7 (6G memory +50g HDD)

2) SELinux, iptables off systemctl stop firewalld.service #停止firewallsystemctl disable Firewalld.service # Disable firewall boot Setenforce 0

# Use the watercress pip source

Mkdir-p ~/.pip VI ~/.pip/pip.conf[global]index-url = Http://[install]trusted-host = PyPI .

Download and install Epel

wget HTTP://DL.FEDORAPROJECT.ORG/PUB/EPEL/EPEL-RELEASE-LATEST-7.NOARCH.RPMRPM-IVH Epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpmyum Repolist # #检查是否已添加至源列表

Install the necessary kits for the system:

Yum install-y python-pippip Install--upgrade pippip install-u os-testr yum-y install bridge-utils yum-y Install net- Tools Yum install-y git yum-utils

Update system

Yum Update

3) Add an OpenStack user

useradd-d/opt/stack-m-s/bin/bash Stackecho "Stack all= (All) nopasswd:all" >>/etc/sudoers

4) Su enters new user and clones Devstack

Su-stackgit clone Install DEVSTACKCD devstack./

Wait 2-3 minutes and you will see a password hint for MySQL database, RabbitMQ, service administrator, service authentication and Horizon and Keystone services.

It is expected that the remaining installation steps will take at least 10-30 minutes for a long time (depending on your Internet connection.)

6) Once the installation is complete, you can access


Start OpenStack

Handling Error Issues:

/ 488:generate-subunit:command not found

sudo yum install-y python-pip

sudo pip install--upgrade pip

sudo pip install-u os-testr

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Use Devstack to quickly install OpenStack on CentOS 7

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