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Git for Windows : This is the most common git client, very concise, common features are also available, Visual Studio recommended Third-party tools is it.

Tortoisegit : It is believed that most of the people using SVN in Windows are very similar to the Turtle Svn,tortoisegit interface, and have the same high quality as TORTOISESVN, but do not know why it does not integrate the GIT command line.

Sourcetree: This tool is recommended by many people because it enables many advanced features and is relatively professional. But also because of this, it is more complex, in general, I rarely use it.

Giteye : This is a client for the eclipse shell and I haven't used it since I haven't been happy with Eclipse's speed, but it still looks good.

GitHub for Windows : This is the most popular git hosting site GitHub official client, once launched on the popularity. If you want to use it for a third-party git site, refer to the tutorial for this address: using GitHub for Windows with Non-github repositories

About git command line

Finally, it is worth mentioning that. Even if you don't learn git's command line, in these GUI tools, we can basically do our daily work. However, if you want to have a better understanding of git, it is still very necessary to learn the git command line, only use the command line to fully understand the working mechanism of git, and some of the advanced operation is not possible GUI.

If you want to complete the study git, the online git tutorial is very rich, a lot of doing is also very sophisticated, here simple recommend a few:

Git Easy Guide

git tutorial (Liaoche)

Git Community Book

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