Use HTML5 new feature to change browser address without refreshing page __html

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As a programmer, GitHub must be a very regular thing. Careful students will find that when we browse the project source code, after entering the folder URL address changes, the content will soon be loaded well. At first I thought it was refreshing the page load, but the speed of refreshing the page is too fast. So F12 monitored the network request and found it was an AJAX request. is very magical, the URL address changes will not refresh the page (#号后面的除外啦). What's the situation. Conjecture must be a new feature of the HTML5. Google search is really the case, is history.pushstate this new thing. So the automatic hands-on test was realized.

To achieve the effect as shown, click on the crumbs to navigate the contents of the content of Ajax loading page.

MVC page Code, AJAX request simply returns a content

<! DOCTYPE html>  

Summary: Just look at the data to see the time that is called a JS can be done, but when you do demo will find a problem, such as: Browser forward back when the page does not update, solve the update and found back to enter the first page when there is a problem, and finally through

History.replacestate this to achieve, so as to achieve similar GitHub source file loading similar effect.

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