Use JVISUALVM to monitor JVM memory, CPU, thread

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recently do performance testing found a lot of performance problems, in the face of some development of small white data structure thought, really want to shout: let go of that code, let me! Impulse.
faceWEBsite development, performance testing is often done, the following one describes how to combine performance testing tools, better monitoringWEBA tool that serves performance-state work.
What's that? Why should we monitorApacheService, I'm sorry, but first you figure it out.
Network available monitoring tools many kinds of, today introduced aJDK1.6A tool that comes with these versionsJVISUALVM.

Don't say much nonsense, just look at the operation.

Apache Add the following to the server startup configuration:

asApache Tomcat 7, you need tocatalina.shAdd the following to the file and save the restart after completionApacheservice.

Export java_opts= "$JAVA "

through the local JDK1.6 The tools in the previous version jvisualvm.exe to monitor.

environment variables can be configured to open directly in the runJvisualvm.exeor EnterJDKof thebinin the catalog OpenJvisualvm.exe

when open, right-click to add remote host remotely, enter Apache Service Host Address

Right-click Add Remote Host address, add JMX link, port to follow Apache Add a configuration that writes the same port.

Double-click the added JMX Link, right side display Apache Monitoring Information


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Use JVISUALVM to monitor JVM memory, CPU, thread

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