Use neutral ash to protect the details of the strong light and grind the skin

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Neutral Gray grinding of the early operation of the basic similar, but the later polishing treatment slightly different. The author of the late Ash method is very good, also used the observation layer, with the optional color, hue/saturation adjustment layer to the gray area to strengthen, and then repair the neutral gray layer.


Final effect

First of all, the picture is two-dimensional, is a plane, then what makes people look like three-dimensional? and sketch is exactly the same, rely on the relationship between light and dark, that is, white, gray, black clever combination, usually the brighter part of the light is the highlight of the feeling is protruding from the screen, the closer The Observer. The darker part of the shadow is the impression that it is recessed, which is far more distant from the observer than the light portion.

To give you one of the simplest examples, a face portrait, we can see that the nose is the most prominent, in other words is the nose than other parts of the face closer to the observer, this is because the nose is a high light area, both sides of the nasal alar is shaded area, the contrast between the three-dimensional. Therefore, the light and shade relationship plays a vital role in the stereoscopic and level sense of the picture.

Neutral Gray Grinding is the use of the principle of the skin to deepen the reduction of light. For example, how can wrinkles be seen? Because the skin folds hinder the light into the formation of shadows, you just fade the shadow area, wrinkles disappear, because there is no light and shade contrast, the use of neutral ash method for acne, freckle and so on are a truth

1, the picture into PS, press ctrl+shift+n new layer, layer mode to soft light, in the bottom of the column "filled with soft light neutral color" tick, click "OK" to establish the layer.

2, the establishment of black and white adjustment layer, the purpose is to exclude other color interference, so that the picture only black, white, gray three shades, easy to deepen the dodge. Click on this icon in the bottom right corner of the PS interface and choose "Black and white".

3, the establishment of the curve, the purpose is to highlight the skin defects, some dark spots in the dark after the more easily found. Click on this icon in the bottom right corner of the PS interface and select "Curve".

Pull the curve to the right and darken the curve.

4, back to the neutral gray layer, the foreground color is set to black, on the left toolbar to select the brush, wrinkles, scars, bags and other exposure uneven area smear, if it is a high demand for commercial films, the image should be magnified to the pores of the smear, smear the time to adjust the brush according to the situation at any time size, opacity and flow.

This method can also eliminate the weight of the face, you can see that there is fat because the local skin bulge caused by uneven light, so as long as the shadow area with a white brush to reduce the light on it.


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