Use of Out-of-band network management small cost but can manage large networks

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Recently, there is a sizzling noun "out-of-band management" in the IT resource management community. So, what is Out-of-band management? Why do you recommend Out-of-band management? How to play the advantages of Out-of-band management in practice?

What is "Out-of-band network management"

Xt-indent:2em "> from a technical point of view, network management can be divided into Out-of-band management (Out-of-band) and in-band management (In-band) two management modes. The so-called in-band management, refers to the network management control information and user network bearer business information transmission through the same logical channel, while in the Out-of-band management model, the network management control information and the user network bearer business information in different logical channel transmission.

The Out-of-band network management system consists of a console server, a KVM server, an intelligent Power Manager, and an Out-of-band network manager. wherein, the console port or RS-232 serial port of the console server device is connected, and the Dial-up Access console server via the network or modem can directly access the control interface of the managed device, even if the device cannot be accessed through the network. With KVM server KVM over IP technology, administrators can control remote servers from any location on the network, via your monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The Intelligent Power Manager allows remote switching of power to the device. The Out-of-band network Manager is the unified management platform of all the above Out-of-band network administration equipment.

Why "Out-of-band Management"

Home appliances have failed, the owner can use fixed telephone dial telephone repair, then fixed telephone bad how to repair? We certainly say to use the phone to repair the chant. If the fixed telephone is the whole "family emergency system" "in-band network Management", then the mobile phone is "family emergency system" "Out-of-band Network Management", Out-of-band network management is the entire network management system in the emergency channel.

Similarly, currently on the market of network management software systems such as OpenView, Ciscoworks, Tivoli are in-band network management system, NMS must manage the system through the network of equipment. If you can not access the managed objects through the network, in-band network management system will be ineffective, Out-of-band network management system will be put in great use.

Who wants "Out-of-band management"?

What kind of IT environment needs Out-of-band management? Two types of cases. First, the operational personnel and IT equipment are not in the same physical location. This type of network environment includes all telecommunications operators and banks, as well as government and corporate networks with branch offices. Once the equipment fails, the operator is unable to resolve the problem through the network, but only to the scene. This kind of network can greatly improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of network through Out-of-band management, and reduce the operation cost effectively, and realize the large network of small cost.

Second, the operation of personnel and IT equipment in the same location, but the number of IT equipment, unified management is facing great difficulty. This type of IT environment includes all IDC, Enterprise data Centers (unmanaged), internet companies, game operators. Operation and maintenance team needs to face hundreds of or even tens of thousands of servers, access control of equipment authorization, operation Records are required to use the Out-of-band network management to complete.

How to "Out-of-band management"

After the condemnation, is how to do "Out-of-band management". Out-of-band network Management system is mainly composed of console server, KVM Server, intelligent Power Manager, if a network with outside network management equipment (refers to the console server, etc.) has more than 10 units, need to take out management manager to manage the Out-of-band network management equipment.

There are two modes of network network management system, which is more suitable for the user of telecom operator or financial system with high requirement of the networks. The network generally uses the low bandwidth the special line pattern, like 64K DDN, Frame Relay and so on, at present the domestic operator also has the 2M transmission line networking.

Another type of Out-of-band management device and managed device is placed in the same network using dial-up and so on as backup. This kind of network mode, Out-of-band network management equipment is connected to the Operation network, if there is a fault, through dial-up access to Out-of-band network management equipment.

The console server has several RS232 interfaces (up to 48) and is connected to the console interface or serial port of different devices through a normal CAT5 network cable + conversion head. There are several RJ45 interfaces on the KVM server that connect to the server through the CAT5 network cable, and the network cable server ends up with a conversion head. The conversion head with mouse connectors and keyboard connectors, video connectors connected to the server, users can access the KVM server to control the appropriate device. The Intelligent Power Manager has a DC or AC power connector connected to the device's power plug. The console interface of the Smart Power Manager is connected to the console server. Control the switch of any power unit in the smart Power Manager through the console server.

Out-of-band Network management Manager is a network management platform for all Out-of-band network management devices. If there are more than 10 units in an Out-of-band network management device (referred to as a console server, etc.), it is necessary to manage the Out-of-band NMS with an Out-of-band manager. The manager can access all of the Out-of-band network management devices as long as it is accessible. By centralizing access to a single Out-of-band network management device, all managed devices in all networks are accessible through the manager. The manager also stores logs for all Out-of-band network management devices.

With Out-of-band network management, users can reduce operating costs, improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime and improve service quality. Now the market has also emerged a lot of outstanding Out-of-band management solutions, you can with various manufacturers to further intimate contact.

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