Use PS and Lightroom to put photos in a fresh, gorgeous style.

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The digital age allows us to take photos of more late creation space, a variety of tools are emerging, the most likely to be used is Photoshop and Lightroom. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a late-production focused graphics tool, mainly for digital photography, graphic design professionals and high-end users. This tutorial is like the introduction of the Lightroom with fresh and gorgeous style photos.

Let's take a look at the comparison.

Photoshop Lightroom Photo Palette Tutorial--Fresh and gorgeous style:

Step 1

First we open the original image, this picture level is not obvious enough, appears to be more gray, we open lightroom to start adjusting.

Step 2

We first make some basic parameter adjustment, the high light section may carry on certain correction, reduces the excessive explosion. As shown in the figure

After the adjustment effect as shown

Step 3

Next adjusts the tonal curve part, by deepens the shaded area, the appropriate enhancement bright color can increase the picture level three dimensional sense. Parameters are as follows

After the adjustment effect as shown

Step 4

The following is the color adjustment, is the most important part of this tutorial, we can appropriately change the hue of the green to make its preference for verdant, and then increase the red-yellow-green-blue saturation, so that the picture will be more gorgeous

After the adjustment effect as shown

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