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The first sub-software released a client tool for managing personal blogs: Windows Live writer (Beta ). It not only supports Windows Live Spaces, but also supports a series of popular blog content management systems on the Internet. I used one of the previous downloads. The interface is completely visualized, and all the operations on the blog are available. I personally think it is very convenient to use. It should be said that it is more convenient than the management background of the blog website. Let's take a look at how to use it to manage our blog.

1. installation.

I am using the 1.0beta version of quick bi. You can download it from here. Download

You can directly install the SDK after the download.

2. initialization.

The first time you run Live writer, there will be an initialization Wizard to guide you through the setup before use. The wizard is as follows:
Figure 1

Figure 2.
If it is not live spaces, select the following another weblog service.

Figure 3
Enter the address of your blog in "Web homepage URL", and enter your account information on the website in username and passport.

Figure 4
Select the type of your blog provider and its interface address. Live writer supports up to seven fluent blog interface types. and use the metaweblog API as the interface, so here I choose metaweblog API.
Enter the blog interface address. For example, the address of is:/services/metablogapi. aspx ">/services/metablogapi. aspx"><username>/services/metablogapi. aspx

Figure 5.
Verifying and obtaining your blog information.

Figure 6.
This is the obtained blog information. You can change the Display account in live writer here.

3. Use live writer.

After initialization, enter the main interface. By default, it is a new log writing interface, which provides a simple similar web editor. Enter post title here, and click the blank area below to write the log Content ..

Figure 7

After writing, click "file" --> "Publish to weblog... "To submit logs to the website. The following prompt box is displayed during release. You can choose whether to view the log in the browser immediately after the publication, of course, you can also set it in advance in "file" --> "view post after publish.

Figure 8.

Postscript: Live writer provides rich customer functions to help users manage their personal blogs through customers. Here we only introduce some of its basic settings and write a blog. its other functions include editing, deleting, reading, and managing multiple blogs. These functions will be described in subsequent articles.

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