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Left before a company has been large for half a year, look at the first half of 06, wrote an interactive new media department planning, think the original idea is still relatively immature, planning beyond the actual situation is a big cut, some of the project direction even if you get today alone, is very good. However, fortunately, some of the contents of the text for other projects still have some reference to the role, and therefore pick a part to share with you. Please treatise the wrong place.

The full text from the content structure, page structure, development technology, business intelligence, business applications, use management, and so on six aspects respectively discussed:

A Content structure

Like a good magazine or a good newspaper, a good web site, attractive to browse and will reside in the long term must be its content. The existence of content, as well as the update, to meet the user users to obtain information basic needs, while the page art, function development, market development and so will be around the content of service, at least in the initial stage of the site construction This will be a conventional phenomenon. But the content form can divide into the pure information information class and the function service class two kinds of categories.

From the initial content form of Portal class website, the main use of a large number of broadcast information information, which caused the former shop after a large number of human resources and editing burden, and for netizens also in a long-term passive acceptance of the state, lack of interactivity, and even for such as Sina, Sohu and other such as traditional portal sites, Internet users in the acquisition of information has been a fatigue, or a feeling of helplessness.

In response to this more and more netizens (especially the lower age level, in the---35-year-old netizens) dissatisfaction, and no interesting content form, the Internet on the emergence of new technology based on the application of functional content services, such as weblog, reviews, Rss,tag and so on, These functional services, with some unique use skills, contain a small amount of technical skills (such as RSS) that are more challenging and operational for netizens, and more far-reaching for new functional services such as weblog, Reviews) has brought a new experience value to netizens: that is, users can participate in the content of the creation and release, so that the dissemination of information is interactive, information and human relations have become more closely, but also the provision of relevant functional content services to the Web site more sticky, and netizens are more dependent on such sites. Based on these characteristics, the data analysis of the existing use behavior of the Netizen (its own consumer) and the mining of the potential consumption habits will produce great commercial value.

Two Page structure

The site's page structure for netizens, its attention and attention to more and more high, from some specific requirements (pay attention to the visual feeling) users see a great deal more than their basic content of the site requirements of the trend, here we temporarily put aside VI and color color temperature and other aesthetic aspects of the specific discussion, Design or describe the structure of our site's pages from the user interface (UI) and user experience (UE) perspective.

The first is still based on the content structure of the classification principle: the content of information and functional categories, coupled with the user registration system and Integration System applications, we will page structure also divided into two types: public pages and personal pages.

Public pages can be understood as information-oriented content, without the need for users to register the page can be browsed. This kind of page is completely open, any ordinary netizen can browse and obtain the information of interest directly by clicking the page address and the link within the webpage. Such pages from the point of view of the way of information dissemination, and the traditional portal site content page compared to a large degree of similarity, the dissemination of information is still one-way, the Internet users in the process of receiving information is still in the downstream of the flow, lack of interactivity and personalized experience. In order to retain this page mechanism, we can use new technology, such as Ajax, to make static snapshot pages more dynamic, which makes the content change in the user-Free State automatically rendered, more rapid response.

Personal page is to serve the registered users of the site, the content of the Web site by default or user-selected functional service Content-oriented. This type of page is based on the user registration system and the integration system, the majority of the content (including the interface, layout, etc.) that is presented independently of the public page will be selected, created, organized and published by the user, for example: personal blog, personal comment, RSS subscription, tag category, etc. This is no doubt more personalized and interesting for users, thus greatly enhancing the adhesive power of our website to users, users will also be in love with the use of the gradual generation of dependence on our site. In addition, the personal page will also be a component, customizable and scalable, which is in line with the relatively independent spiritual pursuit of modern people/netizens, but also adapt to the development of the Web Part of the idea.

It should be emphasized that the public pages and personal pages are not isolated, but mutually overlapping, organically complementary. From the login mode, users can enter a personal page from a public page, or return to a public page from a personal page; from the direction of information/content dissemination, the contents of public pages can be crawled or summed up to a personal page, and the content created by a registered user through a personal page can also be posted to a public page. Only in this way, can effectively stack Web1.0 and Web2.0 respective advantages, and fully enhance the effectiveness of the page.

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