Useradd,userdel Command Small Summary

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Useradd adding users

Userdel Deleting a user

Useradd command format

# Useradd [Options] User name


-U UID: Manually specify the UID number of the user

-D Home Directory: Manually specify the user's home directory

-C User Description: Manually specify the user's description

-G Group name: Manually execute user's initial group

-G group Name: Manually specify additional groups for users

-S Shell: Manually specify the user login shell. Default is/bin/bash

[Email protected] ~]# Useradd Zhao

[Email protected] ~]# passwd Zhao

Changing password for user Zhao.

New Password:

Retype new Password:

Passwd:all authentication tokens updated successfully.

The user Zhao is added as command, and a login password is set. Once a user is created, its contents are automatically created for several files, respectively.

/etc/passwd,/etc/group,/etc/shadow,/etc/gshadow,/home/zhao (automatically create their home directory in the home directory),/var/spool/mail

Manually add a user based on the criteria.

# useradd U 666 G root,bin C "Test user" D/haha S/bin/bash Zhao

Add User Zhao, specify its uid is 666, append group is root and bin (note: A group that already exists in the system can be used as the user's additional group), the user is described as test user, the user's home directory is/haha, the shell type is/bin/bash

Userdel command format

# Userdel [Options] User name


-r: Delete User's home directory while deleting users

-F: Force the deletion of a user (you can force the deletion of a user logged on the system)

The-f option does not affect the actions of users who are already logged on in the system, and when a user who is forcibly removed exits, logging in again will not take effect.

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Useradd,userdel Command Small Summary

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