Using IE9 Self-band diagnostic Tool Iediagcmd to diagnose and analyze IE

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To facilitate the diagnosis of IE browser problems, a very useful tool iediagcmd is added to the IE9. It is easy to find the problem of IE browser, you can use it to diagnose Windows 7 IE9, and generate diagnostic reports.

Using Iediagcmd is very convenient, just enter the Iediagcmd directly in the Start menu under Win7, press ENTER to open the diagnostic tool. or directly open IE Browser directory (C:Program Files (x86) Internet Explorer), in the inside double-click Iediagcmd.exe can.

The tool is a command prompt tool, no graphical interface, open, we will see a black box inside a number of points in the waiting for more, at this time can wait a moment, waiting for the black wide disappear, the desktop will appear a Iediag cabinet file, we can use the decompression software to open this file easily.

After decompression, you can get the log file directly, because all the text files are non binary files, so you can use Notepad to open and browse the contents.

In addition to Iediag.xml, the remaining five files are from the original system saved logs or files, from the format of the file name can easily be done.

We can open iediag.xml to view IE's diagnostic report directly with Notepad.

At the same time, because it is the most original data and information, so to eliminate problems, retrospective is very useful. So when your IE is not working properly, you can also try to use this to diagnose IE, in order to quickly find the processing method.

An effective solution for IE problem

Because the tool is a more professional tool, it is also difficult for ordinary users to find a solution from a diagnostic report.

So under normal circumstances, when there is a problem in IE, you can try to open the Internet option, and then switch to advanced, click the Reset button, reset the IE9 to the default state after installation, you can solve the problem caused by IE configuration error.

Second, it may be that a less compatible add-in is installed, and you can open the 32-bit IE without the add-in from the Start menu, and if there is no crash, the problem must be caused by an add-in. Turn on add-on management from the menu, and disable all add-ons to try it out. When you need to use an add-in and then open it on demand, you can tell which add-in is causing the problem.

These two methods can solve the problem that most IE browsers are facing today.

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