Using MATLAB to process digital signal and digital image

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Use MATLAB to process digital signals and Images
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[Author] Chen guiming and others [Press] Science Press
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Matilab is a simple, efficient, and highly functional advanced language. It has unparalleled advantages in other languages in the field of science and engineering computing. This book uses the latest MATLAB 5. version 1 is an object. It is easy to understand digital signals, digital image processing, and wavelet analysis from the perspective of practical application, the book lists more than two hundred examples summarized by the author in practical teaching and scientific research work. It not only introduces the general usage of Matlab, including Common commands, syntax rules, matrix operations, mathematical functions, input and output of files, and drawing of 2D and 3D images, it also introduces the complicated graphic user interface and the compiling method of the callback functions of each school. This book focuses on the usage and processing methods of some functions related to digital signals, digital image processing, and wavelet analysis in MATLAB. Algorithm . Through learning, the reader can skillfully use the MATLAB language to implement and improve various algorithms. This book can be used as a reference material for teaching, computer, electronic engineering, information engineering, mechanical engineering, and other professional teachers and students in colleges and universities, it has important reference value for the majority of science and technology workers and developers engaged in the above fields. It is also a good entry-level teaching material for readers who study wavelet.
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Chapter 2 proficient in MATLAB
1. 1 Introduction to common MATLAB commands
1.1.1 management commands and functions
1.1.2 variable and workspace management commands and functions
Operator 1.2 and special characters
1. 3 MATLAB Language Structure
1.3.1 Control Flow
1. 3.2 Input and Output
1.4 basic matrix and matrix operations
. 1 Special variables and constants in MATLAB
. 2 matrix and Input
1.4. 3 Special Matrices and Arrays
1.4.4 matrix operations
. 5. Non-linear calculation functions of MATLAB Matrix
Similarity Transformation and decomposition of Matrices
1. 5 Data Analysis
Basic Data Operations
. 2 Numerical Analysis
1.6 MATLAB graphic functions
1.6.1 2D graphic functions and commands
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MATLAB indicates a matrix lab. In terms of matrix operations and numerical calculation, MATLAB has powerful functions, which are intuitive, concise, efficient, and interactive, therefore, it is applied in science and engineering computing. the advantages are obvious. It can be used as a powerful "Calculator" and as a computing tool in other applications.Program. With the continuous improvement of the version, the function of MATLAB becomes more and more powerful, and the application scope is more and more extensive. Now it covers almost all scientific and engineering computing fields, such as simulation technology, automatic control, digital signal processing, digital image processing, system identification, neural networks, and wavelet analysis. Therefore, mastering Matlab is of great significance for science and technology workers and college students.

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