Using Photoshop to make a very soft and fine color beam effect Tutorial

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It's a little bit harder to make a small beam. Because the finer curve radians are more difficult to control. Shantu must be uniform, so that the curve of the hook is evenly engaging.
Final effect

< small map view big picture >

1, the effect of the light beam is a whole, but the time to draw too long and too many radians it is difficult to draw good. Therefore, when making the beam can be segmented to make. First we make the right half, and the effect needs to be done as shown below.

< map 1>
2, create a new 1024 * 768 pixel document, background fill black. Create a new layer, named "Background", with a pen to check out the path shown in the following figure, and then convert to a selection, as the following figure.

< map 2>

3, select the Gradient tool, color settings, such as Figure 3, and then from left to right, pull out of the linear gradient shown in Figure 4.

< map 3>

4, with a pen along the bottom edge of the color block to check out a finer selection, such as Figure 5, press CTRL + ALT + D Feather 1 pixels and press CTRL + J to copy the selection section of the color block to the new layer. Then add the layer mask and use a black brush to rub the ends and the middle part over the transition effect. The effect of hiding the "background" layer is shown in Figure 6.

< map 5>

< map 6>

5, the "background" layer display, with a pen to check the top edge curve, such as Figure 7, feather 1 pixels and press CTRL + J to copy to the new layer. The effect of the shadow hidden bottom chart is shown in Fig. 8.

< map 7>

6, again show "bottom Diagram", with a pen to check out Figure 9, the selection, feather 4 pixels and then press CTRL + J copy to the new layer, reduce the layer opacity, the effect as shown in Figure 10.

< map 9>

< map 10>

7, the middle and the edge of the color block production method Ditto, the effect of the following figure.

8, other beams are produced in the same way as in Figure 12- 14.

< map 12>

< map 13>

9, then to make the left beam. Create a new layer and use a pen to tick the color selection, as shown in Figure 15. Select the Gradient tool, and the color setting is shown in Figure 16, which pulls the outlet gradient from left to right. Pay attention to the color convergence of the right and left.

< map 15>

< map 16>

10, the same method to make the edge and the middle of the beam, the process is shown in Figure 17-19.

< map 17>

< map 18>

11, the other parts of the beam production method is the same, such as Figure 20,21.

< map 20>

< map 21>

12, the beam part of the basic completion, and now to render the high light. Create a new layer on top of the layer, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + E-stamp layer, blending mode to "color Dodge", hold down ALT key to add layer mask, use white brush to wipe out the parts that need to be highlighted, the effect is shown below.

< map 22>

13, a new layer, stamped layer. Execution: filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, the value is 5, after the layer blending mode is changed to "color", alt key to add layer mask, with a white brush to strengthen the high light part, the effect is as follows figure.

< map 23>

14, a new layer, stamped layer. Sharpen the layer appropriately, enhance the clarity of the line, the approximate effect of the following figure.

< map 24>

Finally, adjust the details and finish the final result.

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