Using the same account but cannot dial the ADSL puzzle (the route cannot dial the ADSL, and the routing solution is blocked)

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Master, hello, I don't know why. Today, two computers in my house can only dial ADSL on one computer, and the other can't dial, saying that the user name or password is incorrect. The two computers use the same account and password, and there is only one dial-up, but one computer is always unable to pass, and the user name or password is incorrect, the same is true for customers you provide. What is the problem? No problem with the system Nic. In case the dial-up computer breaks down, I cannot access the Internet.



Some China Telecom have bound the account to the MAC of the network card, which causes such a problem. The principle of routing is the same as that of routing.


Method 1:

To use a vro, you only need to change the MAC address of the route to the MAC address of one of your computers. Of course, this mac must be the MAC of the machine on which you can access the Internet.

Method 2:

The computer that will be connected to the Internet can be the MAC of one of your computers. Of course, this mac must be the MAC of the machine on which you can access the Internet.


Question: 1. How do I know the MAC of a computer? 2. How do I modify the Mac?


1. How to know the MAC of a computer

Enter cmd in the running line
Then, at the command prompt
In the displayed local connection
The third line. physical address is the MAC address of the NIC.
The encoding of each Nic is the same.


2. How to modify Mac

Modify the MAC address of the vro to see the instruction manual. Of course, cheap vrouters do not have this function.



Modify in Windows 9x: Open the Registry Editor and go to 0002, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/system/currentcontrolsetservice/class/NET.

Modify in Windows 2000/XP: Open the Registry Editor, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/system/CurrentControlSet/controlclass/4d36e970-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318, 0002, driverdesc, if found in 0000, add a string variable under 0000 and name it "networkaddress". The value is the MAC address to be set, for example: 000102030405


The simplest way is to use third-party tools, such as the master of optimization and the magic rabbit ~

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