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There are black and white knights on a 5 by 5 chessboard. There are twelve of each color, and There are one square, is empty. At any time, a knight can move to an empty square as long as it moves like a knight in normal chess (what else did you E Xpect?).

Given an initial position of the board, the question Is:what are the minimum number of moves in which we can reach the fin Al position which is:


The "I" of the input file contains an integer N (n<14) that indicates how many sets of inputs are. The description of each set is given below:

Each set consists of five lines; Each line represents one row of a chessboard. The positions occupied by White Knights are marked by 0 and the positions occupied from Black Knights are marked by 1. The space corresponds to the empty square on board.

There is no blank line between the two sets of input.

The ' the ' sample input below corresponds to this configuration:


For each set your task are to find the minimum number of moves leading from the starting input configuration to the final O Ne. If is bigger than then output one line stating

Unsolvable in less than one move (s).

Otherwise output one line stating

Solvable in N-Move (s).

where n <= 10.

The output for each set was produced in a single line as shown in the sample output.

Sample Input

110 1
01 11

Sample Output

Unsolvable in less than one move (s).
Solvable in 7 move (s).

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