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Zhongxing 831ADSL Modem

How to set 831:
First, 831 of the built-in software brush to 2. 79 version, can download (how to brush in the description inside)
831 the factory set Ethernet port IP address is 192. 168. 1. 1, in order to be able to use Telnet access to 831, we now set the address of a computer to 192. 168. 1. *, using ping to see if you can access to 831, no problem continue, in DOS mode into Telnet, if you just brush good software, there is a password, the original password is adsl831 then we have landed to 831, It's a prompt like this.

We use the help command to get a general idea of the commands we can use. I don't have much to say.
Teach everyone how to set up:
The problem is whether you choose the bridge mode or the routing mode, choose R Carriage Return
>>r1483 Carriage return
r1483> Delwanip All Carriage return
(This sentence is to empty the inside of the settings data if the back is wrong, you must call the command again)
R1483> Home Carriage return
And then we do the quick setup
Quick return
The system will ask you to connect the WAN in that way, we choose PPPoE.
System again asked Ethernet Ip: we call 192. 168. 1. 1 (be sure to play)
Then ask the subnet mask subnet mask: we call 255. 255. 255. 0
Authentication (verification method), we hit P,
Then ask US username: (How many dozen, the following two are the same)
Repeat Password:

OK, you can press Y to save all the settings. The system again asks us if we want to continue with the quick setup, answer n

We'll do the save order now or we'll be in vain. Then 831 started to reboot. Then our telnet connection will be broken, and so on after 831 reboot, we continue to telnet up, with show command to see the situation now, no problem, we can see PPPoE interface IP address. Congratulations, your 831 already dial the Internet. If you see the IP address is a few???, then please unplug 831 of the power, and then plug in, you can.

After such a setup, we just have to set up in the TCP/IP settings in the computer.
IP: Can be from 192. 168. 1. 2 to 192. 168. 1. 254
Subnet Mask: 255. 255. 255. 0
Default gateway: 192. 168. 1. 1
OK, your computer can start surfing.

Now let me talk about advanced settings:
Advanced settings can use DHCP, then your computer can be automatically obtained by IP. Allow your computer to do the server, such as open an FTP server

How to do DHCP server:
Telnet to 831.
>lan> dhcpserver
>lan> dhcpserver DNS

It's over. 831 will automatically restart, the general restart after 831 will not dial, so you need to unplug the power

If you have servers in the intranet (such as FTP)
Telnet to 831
>pat>addpatin PPPoE 21/tcp
(this means that in 192.) 168. 1. 5 of computers have 21 port open FTP service)
Well, it's all done.

Real 2110 Routing settings
Run the ADSL configuration program file, showing the interface as shown in the figure

The IP address of the Ethernet port in the ADSL MODEM is filled in in the edit box (this is not changed when the first configuration or configuration is made. The default value on the interface is the correct IP address of the network port; If you have modified this, please fill in the last modified value and make sure that it is filled in correctly. Otherwise, you cannot configure the modem without configuring the program. If the user has forgotten the IP of the network port, press the "RESIP" button on the back of the device to restore the factory set up the network port IP (
When the first run, ADSL modem defaults to, you need to change the IP card address of the PC to the IP address of the same network segment, and then modify it from the configuration program as needed.
After filling in the IP address, click "Next". When the program is successful with ADSL connection, the program will read the status and parameters of the current ADSL, showing the interface shown in Figure 2:

Users of this interface can choose to encapsulate the Protocol (provided by telecommunications), and the Optional Protocol types include:
RFC1483 Bridge: Single bridging mode access. In this way, only one client is allowed to connect to a wide area network via an ADSL MODEM and bridge connection.
RFC1577 Router:ipoa mode access. This way allows a client through an ADSL modem, IPOA access to the WAN, or several clients through a hub connected to the ADSL modem, IPOA way to connect to the WAN.
RFC2364 Router:pppoa mode access. This way allows a client through an ADSL modem, PPPOA access to the WAN, or several clients through a hub connected to the ADSL modem, PPPoA way to connect to the WAN.
Wuhan friends want to route the Internet, please choose RFC2364 ROUTER

In this interface, users can complete the ADSL modem PVC parameter settings, Wuhan friend VCI Please enter 32
At this point in the ADSL WAN port is the PPPOA protocol, no need to set the line IP address, line network mask, etc., it will be in the dial-up access to the dynamic distribution of a line IP address. Therefore, only in this interface in the edit box to fill in the ADSL MODEM network IP address (Wuhan friends can not modify it) and by the telecommunications given by the dial-up Internet user name and password.
After the completion of the parameters, click "Finish", configure the program to start the ADSL modem parameters configuration,

When the configuration program completes the ADSL modem configuration work will pop up a message box as follows

Datang Telecom A-400 Open Routing
Because there is no more cats on hand, so can only take this as an example, its settings more concise and clear, but less function!
Web settings interface, as the name suggests, is to use the browser to connect settings!
The default IP of the manufacturer according to its specification. In the browser address bar input Carriage Enter the settings interface! (If there is no connection, please set the network card IP to 192.168.1.X (2-255), then open its settings interface, the first will jump out of the network landing box, prompted to add the manufacturer's account number and password, and then determine!
Above said to all ADSL cat or router connection all have the same meaning, just may according to the manufacturer's setting has the different default IP, the account number, the password!
After entering will appear the following interface, but the different manufacturers do the interface is not the same, and even some will make more functions, but the main function is similar!
The default state is the top 1483 bridging mode, which is not open mode!
Below I choose the mode is "2516PPPoE" This is the virtual dial-up routing mode!
After selecting some of the following settings will increase the "account" "Password" input box! Add in to the account and password to the telecommunications, the following DNS can be filled out as a telecommunications dns! And the above "virtual path labeled VPI" and "virtual channel marked VCI" After the value must be the same as the telecommunications, which can ask telecom, will give you! But most telecommunications use default values!
Ok save, the route is open, very simple, other cats may be the page design is not the same, but the basic settings are the same!
The following is about fixed IP routing settings, but also very simple, as long as the choice of 1577 routing mode or 1483 routing mode and then will appear the following settings box, in fact, some manufacturers of the page will not appear these 1577,1483 figures, just more directly write as static IP, or WAN IP mode. These are fixed IP settings interface!
Vpi,vci, the package form Needless to say, must not fill the wrong!
The following WAN IP, mask, gateway, DNS must be filled out by telecommunications given, can not fill out their own!
After the save, to achieve the routing function!
The following is a cat's LAN settings, the general default can be!
It shows the cat's IP.
The following DHCP is the automatic allocation or manual allocation of IP mode selection, as well as the number of sub machines can be supported! Because the cat's own routing function is relatively simple, generally support the number of sub-units are not much, in general, about 30 units, such as the cat's limit is 20 for the best, add more may not be connected or lost packets serious problems, specific support number of machines can be their own test!

"Status monitoring" inside the general display of network connectivity and data traffic accumulation and so on! There is the display of routing table functions!
"Account password" into the Cat settings interface default manufacturers set the account password can be changed, according to their own needs to give yourself to want!

UT the ADSL open circuit by

Set the network card IP to, subnet, add in the browser address bar, username: admin, Password: Utstar, enter the Web page interface.

Then the "LAN" option, this does not have to change!

Then the "WAN" option, which is the focus of the revision! Open the ATM VCC option under Wide area network,

Point add, the following interface appears, fill in the Vpi/vci value, note: If the aal5-1~aal5-4 between the Vpi/vci and you are the same, you have to modify it to other, you can add your!!

Again is "The wide area Network" the "PPP" item, will inside the only one protocol deletes!

In the "EOA" item of the "Wide Area Network",

Then click "Add", as shown in the figure, the interface must be selected in the "ATM VCC" added. Default route selected!

Then click the "DNS" entry for the "services" item to add DNS for telecommunications.

Be sure not to forget to "submit" every step of the way, then to the "management" item, point "submit", and so on after the successful submission of the "Save Restart", the rest of the need to change, and then ADSL and machine power to restart once, after the boot a little wait 5-6 minutes, OK, routing success, The internet is available between the ~!!

Asus Aam6000ev

Configure the IP address of the computer's network card to mask: If you install PPPoE virtual dial-up software, the gateway does not fill. If any one of the routing modes. The default gateway is

Open your PC's browser and enter in the Address bar: carriage return, enter username "root" and password "root" (or adsl/adsl1234) in the prompt window. Configuration of ADSL Router Main Page

There are two ways to access the PPPoE method:
1. Through the virtual dial-up PC connection, through the proxy server multiuser sharing, router configuration process see Seven
2. Through the ADSL router built-in PPPoE client and the local server to establish a PPP connection, through the NAT protocol for multi-user sharing.
A configuration description of the second pattern is presented.

Establish the PVC channel to be used for PPPoE, if the PVC channel is not in the factory setting value, follow the steps described earlier, and if the factory configuration already has the appropriate PVC settings, remove the 1483B link->1483b according to the Bridging menu and remove the corresponding 1483B interface.

In the WAN form, click PPP, click Add, and the PPP configuration page appears, enter the appropriate value:
PPP INTERFACE:PPP Connection Number 0~7
ATM VC: Available PVC Channel
IPF Type: Please select public
Status: Please select Start or startondata
Protocol: Choose PPPoE
Service Name: Can not fill
Use DHCP: If enable, the router obtains information other than IP.
Use DNS: If turned on, DNS information obtained from PPP is assigned to LAN users as DNS information for the router's DHCP server.
Default Route: Please select Enable
Security Protocol: According to the local certification method set
Login Name: User name
Password: Password
To save the configuration, in the Admin form, click Commit & Reboot, and click the Submit button. Complete configuration

Ke Mai Yi Tong km300a-g

1, this ADSL default IP is, so before setting, please set your machine to 192.168.1.x (x can be any value from 2 to 255), mask set to Enter into the configuration interface in IE, the default username and password are all root.
If you have changed the default IP for ADSL, please login in your own way.

2. If you have also modified this cat, please go to "admin \ Submit & Reboot", select "Restart Mode" as "reboot from default Configuration", then click Reboot. After a while, press 1 to land again.
This step is only to revert to its default settings. To reduce unnecessary trouble.
3, in the first page of the Equipment information pages (The following image is already set up the interface), please follow the following text description settings, this figure as a reference.

4. Pay attention to 3 of the red circle in the picture, the default is 8/35, and our side of the telecommunications use is exactly 8/35, so to modify this value, if your side of the telecom is not this value, please modify the value of the item, if there is no telecommunications to the value, then do not modify.
How to modify:
5, click on the home page of the quick settings.
The red part is set according to the value provided by Telecom.
At the ATM interface, select 5 because the system already occupies four and cannot be used.
Operation Mode Select Enable
Brige selection disible

6, the previous step to determine, in the home page of the device information will appear in the first picture above 1, 2 items, and after a while, the first status of the lights will turn green, proof has been automatically dial the successful, automatically obtained the IP address.
Sometimes the 5th step is not necessarily successful, you can disconnect the ADSL power, try again, will be successful. However, make sure that the ATM interface is not yet occupied and that the Vpi/vci combination does not appear in the other interfaces.

7, this step to set up a local area network for DHCP mode, which can save a lot of trouble.
In the local area network/dhcp mode, select DHCP mode as "DHCP Server", as determined.

8, now in the home/equipment information is really as shown in each picture.
An item with a purpose and a netmask of 0 is now present at the top of routing/IP routing. And there are several items that have your dynamic IP address. That's the way it works!
Finally in the "Management/Submission & Restart" in the first point to submit, submit your changes, and then click Restart, your changes into the cat's memory, after a while, the cat will automatically dial the line, and began to route.

9, finally, the client's settings:
Dynamic IP: The client IP address is set to automatically obtain, DNS automatic access, and nothing else to set, OK.
Static IP: Client IP set to and modem the same network segment address, gateway and DNS set to the modem address, all ok!
Oh, busy for a long time, should be able to, do not know what is missing the place? I hope you will add!

Asus Aam6000ev

Little brother recently installed a few with ADSL network units, I recommend using ASUS Aam6000ev This (menu is simple, and all is Chinese), now many big cities ADSL development quickly, so ADSL mode/router will fire up, nonsense less said, my experience is as follows:
1; Virtual dialing, access to WAN settings, select ATM interface, it determines Vpi/vci value, (we Qingdao are generally vpi:8,vci:35), the package format to ask Isp,ip address, subnet mask default (if the line is filled), the type of QoS, PCR is the default, IGMP, NAT, default routing enabel, gateway IP address default, username, password in the installation of ADSL is already given to you, status Select Start, automatic DNS Select license, primary DNS, secondary DNS Ask the local ISP, this must know, (Qingdao is,, Fill in the home page will see a new path, and the state is a green light,
2: Routing is not set, the factory has been set up
3: Go to DHCP Configuration page, DHCP mode select DHCP server
4: The client machine does not have to choose to automatically obtain IP, otherwise can not access the Internet

mt800a (Huawei) Smartax

Work started:
Line all connected, set ip:192.168.1.x on PC (X=2-8), Mask:
Gateway: (after entering the gateway do not forget to click "Add", otherwise equal to not input)
After OK, the system prompts to reboot, enter the system again, open the browser, enter in the Address bar: and press ENTER
At this point you can enter the Smartax mt800a settings screen. Since the operation is not difficult, I will not trouble the screenshot

Focus: Configure PPPoE

Step one opens the Web page "ATM Setting";

Step two in the "Connection Type" field Drop-down list to pull down the text box select the PPPoE LLC option;

Step three: Modify the operation mode (Operation mode) to enable.

Step four: According to the information provided by the ISP or system supplier, fill in the appropriate numerical values in the corresponding fields, such as "VPI", "VCI", "PPPoE user name" and security protocol, "PPPoE password Password", and so on, Default Router (default route) is modified to enable;

Step five correct input to the correct input value, click the field below < "submit>" button, will be submitted to the input ADSL terminal;

Step six ensures that the NAT value is "Enable" and, by default, enable.

The default value for step seven DHCP is that DHCP Server is not enabled, and you can decide whether to enable it as needed.

Step eight Click the "Save & Reboot" directory in the Web page, select "Reboot" in the "Reboot Mode" dialog box, click the <Save> button to complete the ADSL terminal settings and permanently save;.

Thank me, Amen! After saving, open the page to see ~~~~~

Linda UT300R

1, set up VPI in Wan, VCI this needless to say, according to local settings (IP, mask, gateway without setting), 2, the package protocol set PPPoE LLC, the bridge is set to shut down, 3, in the PPP settings, fill in the user name and password, audit set PAP, automatic connection selection; 4, set virtual circuit , this is the most important step, is also a lot of friends set the main reason for failure, virtual circuit 0~7, according to local situation (I here is 0, as if many regions are also 0) set one, and then in the top left of the screen selected "Enable", the key is the remaining 7 virtual circuit to be closed, set, each one, each selected, You should select the upper left, and so on, until you turn off all the unused 7, remember that every time you close one, you must submit it. 5, in the console of NAT select Napt.
By the way, the username to enter the Setup interface is admin, the password is Utstar, so the routing setup is successful.

Shanghai Bell CyberLink 6307 YG

1, to ensure that the computer network card IP address is 192.168 1.2, the mask is, and can ping pass
Preferred DNS set to
Standby DNS set to
The above 2 DNS are Shanghai, other areas can search the Internet
2, run CLCOM.EXE program for modem configuration, the default password is "password"

3, according to the local line parameters to modify the Vpi/vci value, and fill in the username and password, click Apply Save Settings.
This cat default is 0/35

East 0/32, Shanghai
Western 8/81


This is generally in accordance with the default settings can be.

Look at route table, and if you have a record like the one shown, you have succeeded in modifying it.

Asus AAM6005HW

1, the network environment modem connected to the hub, ASUS 6005AAMHW default address is, where I changed him to, and restart the modem
, I set my machine IP to: default gateway
2, input appear as below

Password adsl1234 appears [Note If your modem is limited you may not be able to automatically virtual dial-up, the solution is to download software, upgrade your modem]

After 3 clicks Channel Click Action Item to select Delete then point submit to clear it originally set up a good setting, wait to appear ... After done click Reset Modem Restart Modem,
When you start and then click Add to join a new setting, the following figure

Specifically, I said the restricted modem, in this case, if there are six choices in the unrestricted modemservicetype, and there may be only three in the restricted modem, we choose the sixth one here, Vpi/vci is based on the difference of local telecom, if you don't know, Local settings, telecommunications also do not tell you, you can go here to see if there is a setting for you there

After 4 Click Submit to show the following figure and set
Figure 1: Enter the user and password when you apply for broadband in Telecom
Figure 2: Select Up[if set correctly, you only need to open the modem power in 30 seconds will automatically landing the internet]
Diagram Area 3: The first one must tick, because later will use the [NAT enables modem to have the port mapping function, the auto Discovery DNS from PPP is specifies whether the modem state can automatically return the local DNS information, perhaps this sentence I understood wrong, if not, please forgive me ]

5: Submit this operation again, restart Modem
6: Again set your DNS as shown below, if you do not know, I think this site will be found in the this simple, I will not say more, Anyway, you restart the modem, and you restart it, and I can't remember if I'm going to reboot.

7: Look, your virtual automatic dialing has been successful, click on the PPP after statistics click Status to see if it is the following figure: if it is, your virtual automatic dialing success

8: OK, after the virtual dialing is done, now is what we have to do. Call extranet users through routing access, Intranet of various types of services, in this, port mapping can complete this function.
9: Under this interface, here is I have set up, do not want to delete, I will say, I hope you can understand that I have joined three ports, if you want to join the 22 port to do other services, write the following diagram parameters, Post point submission.
Here you should note that if you join the port you want to erase, on the action select Delete NO: Write the port you want to delete, and then point to submit, note, after you have written, must also choose a action:save again point to submit, if not so, if your modem power off, And your settings are gone. Here, I also want to explain, 3389 port, this is rpc[Remote Desktop] used a port, that is, if users want to use the Internet over Remote Desktop to control the machine in your intranet, please also join this port, so as to facilitate remote maintenance.

10: This is the time to arrange your http/ftp server, such as the installation of Srv-u and IIS, peanut shells and so on here, I do not say in detail [this tutorial where there are], but to specifically explain this method if set correctly, you at this time in your local area network input your domain name [ This assumes that your domain name is AAA.VICP.NET] you will see the modem configuration interface, this is normal, so say, if you want to test after custom completion, only, not on your internal network of machines to access your domain name of the server [such as dial-up Internet, to test your This setting is feasible], See if the normal access to [of course, if, you in your online, input your server intranet IP can not be normal access, that is, we set the normal is also a white effort].
11: Question: Here, I want to ask a question, I hope you give an explanation, I found such a situation, do not know why, I set this up after the successful FTP only set to the following map of the situation to normal access, I do not know why [if it is normal to set access to FTP, will report socet error, Cannot list]

A while Carter Speed touch 515 external PPPoE configuration manual
Description: In the configuration parameters, such as the need to configure the PVC already exists, please delete the original RELATED links and then reconfigure!!
One, USB drive installation
1, the CD-ROM with USB drive into the optical drive, double-click the "Setup.exe";

Click "Next" and follow the prompts to connect modem and PC with USB cable. The installation driver is displayed.

3. End of drive installation.

Second, the parameter configuration of PPPoE method
1, the use of USB or Ethernet cable to connect the PC and modem. Use DHCP (you can also manually set your PC's IP address to, subnet mask Open IE, enter in the Address box;

2, click "Expert Mode", into the following interface. Click "Continue";

3, continuously selected "Configration"-> "WAN connections", click "Create a new service";

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