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Ability to migrate the physical machine operating system to the virtual machine operating system using vCenter Converter Standalone

Basic Knowledge

VCenter Converter Standalone can bring the operating system on the physical machine, The operating system on the VMware virtual machine, or the hype-v On the virtual machine operating system on VMware .

System Environment

Operating system:Windows Server R2 Standard

VCenter coverter Standalone version : 6.1.1 build-3533064

VCenter version : VSphere clienet 6.0.0 VMware vCenter Server 6.0.0

Operation Steps1. Open vcenter Converter Standalone program

Select "ConverterMachine" to start migrating physical machines

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2. Select the source host (the physical machine you want to migrate)

Converter Standalone supports boot migration and shutdown migration ( Note: Currently the remote connected physical machine only supportsBoot Migration), here we are ready to migrate the remote physical machine system to Esxi , so select "Poweron" and select "remoteWindows ( here, depending on the migrated system, choose a different system for the migration mode), then enter the source host IP address, username and password, click on "Next "

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3. Select the destination host.

If you are migrating to ESXi , and ESXi is managed with vCenter , need to select vCenter instead of the Esxi host as the destination host , select "VMware Infrastructure virtualmachine" and enter vCenterinstead of Esxi host) 's IP address, user name, and password. Click "Next"

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4. name the new machine

Enter the name of the virtual machine that will be created on the destination host in the red box. Click "Next"

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5. Select ESXi Host

If your destination host chooses vCenter , you need to specify the Esxi host to which you want to install it . Other options remain the default. Select "Next"

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6. Select the partition to migrate

The Standalone function is very powerful, not only to migrate the entire physical machine operating system, if necessary, can also specify migrating only certain partitions , so that some useless partitions do not need to be migrated together, thus saving the disk space size of the destination host.

Click "Edit", then tick the partition you want to migrate. Click "Next" to confirm

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7. Summary

After you have determined that all of the configurations are OK, click "Finish " to begin the migration process.

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FAQ Issue One: Unable to complete Converter AGETN installation on " 172.*.*.* " , a reboot is pending from a previous uninstallation. Reboot the remote machine and try again. "

A: If you are prompted, the reason why you cannot migrate is because the source host has been migrated once and the system has not been restarted since the last migration. Restarting the physical host will solve the problem.

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VCenter Converter Standalone working with documents

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