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Computer to open AI prompts Adobe Illustrator has stopped working solution

Ai, Adobe Illustrator, is a vector drawing tool, widely used in printing and publishing, professional illustration, multimedia image processing and Web page production. However, a user reflected in the computer to open the AI, pop-up prompts: "Adobe illustrator has stopped working." If you encounter the above problems, you can consider the method in this article

bootloader function Introduction/clock initialization settings/serial port working principle/memory Working principle/nandflash working principle

0x21000000;Example: direct control of the buzzer in uboot mm 0xe02000a0 0x1 (Control Register) mm 0XE02000A4 0x1 (data register)Common debugging means: 1.led lighting Dafa 2. Serial debugging, Uart_getchar,uart_putchar, further realize stdio.hClock initialization settingsPLL phase-locked loop, frequency multiplierSerial Port Working principleCore diagram of serial port work#define ULCON0 * ((volatile unsigned int *) 0xe2900000)The volatile keyword, w

How do I use a illustrator gradient fill? Illustrator Gradient Fill Usage tutorial

Today small series for everyone to share illustrator gradient fill use, tutorials for beginners to learn, not friends can refer to this article! Steps 1, first open the software, double-click Open or right click Open. 2, after opening the file as follows 3, file-new file. 4, the new file directly according to determine. 5, access to documents. As shown in figure 6, the random drawing shape. 7, in the graphics selected state, click

[Reprint] Using illustrator and orthogonal projection principles and basic three-view plotting

Source: Orthographics) The working principle of an orthogonal projection chart is to use several different views to describe what an object looks like. Orthogonal views are generally referred to as engineering drawings or top views. With a set of orthogonal views and illus

QT New Process working directory settings (working directory is actually inherited by the quilt process, but can also be set)

After a trial, QT initiates a new process, the working directory of the process is inherited from the parent process, either through start or startdetached.In fact, for the Linux system, the QT bottom should also call fork, exec and other functions, for fork, see Apue Chinese version of the third version, the following analysis:There are two common scenarios for processing file descriptors after F o r K:(1) The parent process waits for the child proce

Do the most professional illustrator CG portal-illustration of Chinese webmaster Xiao Yonggong Interview

Webmaster Illustrator China (, the domestic focus on illustrations, pixels, cartoons, anime and other original art design of the professional website , is committed to the Chinese illustrator to establish the best exchange platform, to become a professional Chinese illustrator portal site. Illustration in the state-owned registered members more tha

Set the default working path for VIM and do not conflict with the directory where the currently edited file is located for the current working path

Problem:The directory in which vim automatically sets the currently edited file does not conflict with the current working path, but when Vim creates a new file, the working path automatically switches the cache path.How to make a file available when using Vim, VIM's working path is the path to which the current file resides. And when creating a new file from Vim

How to use Illustrator to simulate a photoshop mask and draw a shadow effect moon tutorial

I will give you a detailed analysis of the Illustrator software and share with you the tutorial on simulating photoshop masks to draw the hazy effect moon.Tutorial sharing:1. Create a file in the Illustrator tutorial and draw a circle above the dark image.2. The "transparent panel" of Illustrator is similar to Photoshop, and there are also blending meth

The working principle and type differences of vswitches, and the working principle of vswitches

The working principle and type differences of vswitches, and the working principle of vswitchesThe emergence of many new Client/Server applications and multimedia technologies has led to the fact that traditional shared networks are far from meeting the requirements, which has promoted the emergence of LAN switches. 1. vswitch Definition A lan switch has many ports, each of which has its own dedicated bandw

The working copy needs to is upgraded svn:the working copy at

Error message:The working copy needs to be upgradedSvn:the working copy at ' F:\JAVA project\paw-vrveis-jj-2.0\webcontent\web-inf\pages\applicationaddressaction 'is too old (format ten) to work with Client version ' 1.8.14 (r1692801) ' (expects format 31). You need to upgrade the working copy first.The reason I'm having this problem is that I'm using one of the o

What do the columns in the Process manager in Windows 7 mean? Mainly memory-related memory-dedicated working set, memory-working set, memory-Commit size???

Memory-Working set: the sum of the amount of memory in a private working set and the amount of memory that the process is using and can be shared by other processes. Memory-Peak Working set: The maximum number of working set memory used by the process. Memory-Working S

Rsync working mechanism (translation), rsync working mechanism Translation

Rsync working mechanism (translation), rsync working mechanism Translation This article is an official rsync recommendation article on How Rsync Works translation. The main content is Rsync terminology and a simple version of rsync Working principles. This article does not translate all of the articles. The preface is skipped directly, but the original content of

I. CSS working principle. CSS Working Principle

I. CSS working principle. CSS Working Principle CSS is the full name of the stacked style sheet. It is a computer language used to represent HTML (an application of the standard universal Markup Language), XML (a subset of the standard universal Markup Language), and other file styles. It is a style design language that truly achieves the separation of webpage performance and content. It can precisely con

What is the working principle of HTTP? How to optimize the HTTP protocol ?, Protocol Working Principle

What is the working principle of HTTP? How to optimize the HTTP protocol ?, Protocol Working Principle Optimization made by http1.0 Bandwidth: latency has been solved at this stage: 1. browser blocking: the browser can only connect to the same domain name with four connections at the same time. latency: 2. DNS query: The Browser needs to know the IP address of the target server to establish a connection del

LVS working mode and working principle 3. Nat Mode considerations: NAT Mode is modified by the DST IP, go directly to switch or pub do not need to modify the Mac so, do not need VIP and Realserver in a network segment. The NAT mode for both the package and package out requires LVS, so LVS may become a system bottleneck. LVS full NAT mode the fundamentals of full natt: Full NAT not only replaces the package's DST IP when the client requests the VIP, but also replaces the SRC IP of the package, but also replaces th

How to draw a double-layer red coach in Illustrator

I will give you a detailed analysis of the Illustrator software and share with you the tutorial on creating a double-layer red car.Tutorial sharing:1. Create a new document and set the gridClick Control-N to create a new document. Select pixels from the drop-down menu of the unit, enter 600 in the width box, enter 440 in the height box, and then click the Advanced button. Select RGB, screen (72ppi), and make sure that the new object and the pixel grid

Top 10 most useful tools of Illustrator

To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis of the ten most useful tools to share. Analytical sharing: All the gains in the article. So, don't waste precious time, let's get into the text. 10. Ruler Whether you need to accurately measure or know the position of different objects in your artboard, I don't think it should be called a tool because it's too practical. This tool is hidde

Illustrator Create a seamless collage pattern style tutorial

To the users of the illustrator software to the detailed analysis and sharing to create a seamless collage pattern style of the production tutorial. Skill Sharing: We share a set of very fire top textures that are often used by top designers in the interface design. A lot of students angry praise at the same time that the Minister concubine do not. Considering that giving a person a fish is not as good as a fisherman's Day,

12.16 ~ 12.23 working log, 12.1612.23 working log

12.16 ~ 12.23 working log, 12.1612.23 working log 2016.12.161. Added touchmove and other events to the function called by the cick event will cause event penetration, details ( The click event of a mobile device has a latency of MS, which is used to determine whether to double-click 2. the ios device will have a default css style. For example, the input button is squ

Spring internal working mechanism (I): spring Internal Working Mechanism

Spring internal working mechanism (I): spring Internal Working Mechanism Spring has many internal mechanisms, so I plan to write them in several more stages. This chapter only explores what Spring container startup has done; Preface: It is said that Spring containers are like a well-constructed machine. This is true. We use the configuration file to send control information to the machine so that the machin

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