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The software operation example of recording in Lesson four

Recording on the system configuration and operating system basic requirements: support Win98 above all operating systems, DX8.1, recommended dx9.0b, memory of course, the larger the better, 128MB memory recommended use WIN98,256MB memory above recommended use WINXP,CPU of course, the sooner the better, Hang DX plug-ins More words system resources consumption less, general now mainstream or slightly outdated computers are no problem, the hard disk of course is the larger the better, preferably 7200 turn, in the multi-track mixing can run more rails, The system's DMA channel must be opened (the Inter series and the SII series motherboards are installed with their application enhancements automatically opened, the VIA-series motherboards can be opened when the 4in1 drive is installed), so that the IDE (hard drive, optical drive) interface can achieve better data transfer performance. The minimum requirement for a sound card must be full duplex support (simultaneous recording when playing audio).

Make the necessary setup for the system before recording. A variety of sound cards for recording port settings slightly different, professional audio interface has its own settings interface, including innovation SB live! series have (about innovation SB live! KX Drive, because I do not know how many people use this card, whether a special lecture "play to KX Drive"). Here only the common sound card (also effective for the innovation series) simply set the recording port method: Double-click on the bottom right corner of the volume speaker, the Voice Control menu, click the Options, click the Properties, the Property menu, click on the recording, different sound card appears on the port is not the same, you just tick line (linear input) on it, Click OK, the Recording Control menu appears, check the line rail control bar, and then push the volume fader to about 70% of the maximum volume. Then close the menu and set it up.

This step means that the audio source of the system default recording is determined to be the only linear input port, recording software recording only linear input signal, such as the song you play the accompaniment of these sounds and the system inside the sound of the prompts and so on record, to ensure that the record is a clean voice.

Below really starts VEGAS5.0 the audio study journey! Record a VCD karaoke singing as an example.

1. Set the audio driver:

Open vegas5.0a Veyron Chinese version, click the option, click the parameter selection, click on audio equipment, audio device type default is the Microsoft Sound Mapper, the general sound card is not set up, if you are innovative SB live! (KX Drive) or other ASIO-driven sound cards, it is best to set the audio device type to ASIO audio device for lower latency performance, innovative SB live! KX driver set the best delay of 5.33ms, these do not introduce too much, and later give SB live! users a special section on setting up and optimizing innovative sound card classes.

2. Set the audio format: Click on the file, click on the properties, open the scheme properties. Click Audio, the main control bus set to stereo, common sound card sampling frequency set to 44.1KHZ, bit depth (precision) set to 16BIT, innovative SB live! with KX driver can be set to 48khz/16bit. The sampling quality is set to the best. Point OK.

3. Set up and set up the accompaniment track: (All about Vegas basic operation and shortcut keys do not give any guidance here) copy the karaoke accompaniment of the extended dat to the hard drive from the VCD disc (slow to import directly from the CD) when you import the accompanying DAT timeline from your hard disk, you have an accompanying track and video track. On the timeline, right click on the accompaniment track, point channel, click on the left channel only (according to the actual situation to choose left or right, if the two channels is pure accompaniment do not have to choose), will eliminate the lead singer part karaoke. Due to the different standards of accompaniment, we should push the volume fader of the track according to the actual situation to adjust to the appropriate accompaniment volume, and the accompaniment track setup is complete.

4. Set record track: In the timeline to add an audio track, the activation track to the left of the Recording equipment button, select recorded audio storage directory to determine, gradually spinning large hardware to put the volume button, then in the headset should be able to hear the microphone, if there is signal input, the monitoring bar will be based on the signal strength around flashing The following level values are negative to 0来, the unit is DB, the greater the absolute value, the weaker the signal (the smaller the volume), the closer 0, the stronger the signal (the larger the volume), more than 0 known as overload, sound burst, distorted. So before the official recording must adjust the knob, let the singer sing to the maximum loudness when the maximum recording level value can not exceed 0dB, near 0dB, the monitor signal will be red alert you. The next step is to listen for any other ambient noise by listening to the headset, if there is a reason to find out. Finally click on the timeline of the play button to let the singer audition for a paragraph, further adjust the volume of the accompaniment track and the singer's voice coordination.

5. Start recording: Turn off the listening speakers to avoid the sound, the timeline of the pointer to move to the beginning, click on the time line of the recording button, recording the beginning, the singer to listen to accompany singing, remember to remind the singer can not send out the voice of other voices (such as the rhythm with the feet Oh, the end of the recording click on the timeline Stop health.

6. On-Site Recording recommendation method: Whether right or wrong to play well or not, let the singer sing a one-time, sing after listening, found the wrong place or dissatisfied with the place through the interspersed recording method is easy to modify, has been recorded to the satisfaction of every sentence. A song on this record, the early recording of the end.

Question one: What is a interspersed recording? What's the benefit? Can it be achieved in VEGAS5.0? Specific how to operate.

A: It is a recording method of making high efficiency when the recorded audio material is partially dissatisfied, the principle is to set an entry point (where the error begins), set a point (where the error ends), and then, regardless of how far you return the playback pointer, click the Recording button, The recording software will be intelligent control in the entry point outside only play, enter the selection area automatically start recording, very precise replacement of the unsatisfactory part. The advantage is that it is efficient, convenient, and does not destroy the original material. How to operate in VEGAS5.0: The entry point is to cut off the material at the beginning of the error as a point of entry mark, out point is in the wrong end of the place to cut off the material as a point mark, and then click on the middle of the wrong material to become selected (darkened), and then move the pointer to the stop time line position, with the left click on the blank track (do not point to its His material, only in this way, the error material is still selected, and then press the recording key to begin inserting the recording.

Question two: Can you hear the reverberation or other landscaping effects while recording? Does it feel better to sing this way?

Answer: Can, the specific method in the next lesson DX plug-in detailed explanation this question. Recommended not to add too much effect to the singer, because after adding the effect of the singer is easy to ignore the shortcomings of their own singing and intoxicated.

Class's Over! Please pay attention to the audio processing and DX audio effects of the next lesson

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