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Vrouters play an important role in networking. as a leader in the current routing market, Cisco routers are gradually increasing their market demands. When deploying a LAN, A vro is one of the essential devices. Cisco is the leader in networks such as Cisco routers. He is also a brand that many network administrators must consider when purchasing routers.

Cisco routers are known for their high quality and stability. But one cent, one cent. Although Cisco vrouters have a good reputation, but because of this, their prices are among the best in China. However, Cisco routers have a long product line. There are more than 1800 series applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises, and 2600 and 3800 series suitable for medium and large enterprises. Different series correspond to different price levels. Therefore, if an enterprise can choose its own product, without being greedy and greedy, the price of this router is still acceptable. After all, the Cisco1841 vro suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises is only available in the first 5000 S. Most enterprises still accept it. Therefore, it seems that Cisco routers are very expensive, mainly because we are too concerned about Cisco's high-end products.

Therefore, the author believes that when using Cisco products to deploy enterprise networks, the most important thing for network administrators is to select a suitable Cisco router product based on the company's scale and development trend. Instead of blindly pursuing high-end products, not blindly burning money. Here I will share some of my experiences in choosing a Cisco router. It may be helpful to everyone.

Rough frame first

Although Cisco has a long product line, there are a wide variety of product types, and there is no way to get started. However, I think it is a good practice, that is, to distinguish different products by series. Each product series has the same applicability. Therefore, when selecting a Cisco router device, the Network Administrator does not need to consider what type of Cisco router he needs. First, consider the scale of your company; whether a router is used in the company or a branch company. After the rough framework is determined, select the appropriate product in the framework. It can undoubtedly achieve twice the result with half the effort. This can reduce the number of detours for network administrators.

Consider the size of the company

The purchase of routers is closely related to the company's scale. If the company is large, the incoming and outgoing traffic to the Cisco router is usually large. In this case, the router must have a high throughput. In addition, if the company is relatively large, it often needs some relatively high-end applications. For example, you may need to deploy a network conferencing system in an enterprise, which also requires support from high-end routers.

Cisco has clearly defined its product series in this regard. For example, Cisco routers of the Cisco1800 series mainly serve small office organizations, while vrouters of the Cisco1800 series mainly serve medium enterprises; if your company is a large enterprise with an annual output of several billion employees and thousands of employees, you need to use a 4500 series of Cisco router equipment, which provides better data throughput and security. Therefore, if the network administrator defines the size of the enterprise, the network administrator can greatly narrow down the scope when purchasing a Cisco router. Instead of looking like a haystack, you can choose among the dazzling products of different specifications.

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