Virtual Host management system DirectAdmin, Websitepanel and cpanel function Comparison Evaluation _ server other

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DirectAdmin Websitepanel Chanel
Installation Environment Linux Windows 2008 R2 Linux
Space type Php+mysql Almighty Php+mysql
Open in real time
Real-time monitoring
IP Management
FTP admin
DNS Management
Mail Management
MySQL Management
MSSQL Management X X
Domain Name Management
Agent offline
Error Page Setup
Online File Manager
Web site data Backup
View System Information
Network card Monitor
Junk Mail filtering X
Mail forwarding X
Access X X
JMail X X
Customizing site MIME Types
Host Domain name binding
Set IP access restrictions for an entire station X
Set child directory IP Access restrictions X X
Password-protected Directory
Site redirection

DirectAdmin Panel screenshot

Websitepanel Panel screenshot

cpanel Panel screenshot

From the performance, "DirectAdmin" and "cpanel" mounted on Linux, performance is relatively stable and consumes very little system resources, "Websitepanel" is erected on the Windows 2008 R2, the system resources consumption is relatively large.

From the environment, "directadmin" and "cpanel" php+mysql Environment and the "Websitepanel" of the universal environment function is not the main difference is "Websitepanel" also support PHP, ASP,. NET, and " DirectAdmin "and" cpanel "only support PHP.

Mainly depends on the structure of the site is PHP or ASP, if it is PHP, or recommend the choice of "directadmin" or "cpanel", stable performance. If it's asp/.net, then you have to choose "Websitepanel."

and "DirectAdmin" and "cpanel" how to choose between? "Cpanel" is called "the most popular in the world, the most popular user-like control Panel" is not without reason. "Cpanel" Panel is very user-friendly, the function is very convenient to use. Of course, a penny a penny. The price of "cpanel" is more expensive.
"DirectAdmin" is the price of peace, function did not fall in the "cpanel", but the use of no "cpanel" so humane.

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