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I have been in the post for 3 months, this 3 months, has shifted from the source insight to the VS code, to tell the truth, the Code view tool, I still recommend that you use vs code, because the source insight is charged, before write-driven has been used it, and then, Later, after the deployment of a new computer, did not buy the source insight of the right to use, the beginning is not accustomed to using vs code, online information is very little, later in the groping, gradually feel more useful than the source insight, so, feel, it is necessary to share the Code Editor.

Download good vs code, first do not rush to use, first install a few plug-ins, I was used to C platform, so, installed a few plug-ins: CSS Peak: Code jump Tools C/s + + code, IntelliSense, debugger, and code browsing beautify: Formatting code Sublime Babel: Highlighting code
Tools We are ready, here are some tips to use: Ctrl + F: Search the current file-----------------------------> For example, search for things in the currently open C file Ctrl + P: Search for files--------------------------------------> For example, search for a C file Ctrl + Shift + F: Search the entire project for a string-----------> For example, You don't know a function in a C file, you can use this Ctrl + G: Jump to a line--------------------------------> For example, jump to 666 lines Alt + arrow: Before and after jump--------------------------------------> For example, with the left arrow, is back to the previous step Ctrl +/: Comment or go to comment code Alt + Shift + top (bottom) arrow: Copy entire row, and move up (down)--- --------------> For example, by adding an arrow, you can copy the current row and drag it to the next line Alt + up (down) arrow: Drag the current row, and move up (down).
Other such as the theme of the interface, text encoding format Ah, are in the settings inside, their own a look will be, these are, anyway, I 3 months, these have been used.

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