VS2015 program appears missing DLL file workaround

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Use vs Write Tetris to prompt for missing DLLs on someone's computer
Checked the data, found the solution.

First look at static compilation and dynamic compilation
(Dynamic link library: DLL)

dynamically compiled executables need to be accompanied by a dynamic-link library that, when executed, calls the commands in their corresponding dynamic-link libraries. So its advantage is to reduce the size of the execution file itself, on the other hand, speed up the compilation speed, saving the system resources. One drawback is that even a simple program that uses only the one or two commands in the link library, with a relatively large library of links, and a dynamically compiled executable cannot run if the corresponding runtime is not installed on other computers.
Static compilation is when the compiler compiles the executable file, extracts the part of the corresponding dynamic-link library (. So) that the executable needs to call, and links it to the executable file so that the executable does not depend on the dynamic-link library when it is run. So the pros and cons are just as complementary to the dynamically compiled executable file.

Therefore, if the DLL is missing, you can change the compilation method. Programming static programming is good.
Properties-code-code Library-Multithreading (MTD)

So the compiled EXE will be larger than the original

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