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Apple has launched a browser in the Windows operating system: Safari 3.0 Beta. At the same time, Apple CEO Steve Jobs began attacking Firefox as junk, and sooner or later, Safari will eat its share of the market. So John Lilly, the Mozilla chief operating officer, began to hurt jobs, but the tone was not so fierce, it was just a show for the media.

What is the fate of the Firefox browser? Wang Tong for you to analyze:

To analyze the fate of Firefox, it is necessary to analyze why Firefox can achieve today's results, analyze how Firefox makes money, and then analyze the relationship between Firefox and the various it bosses, then the fate of Firefox browser is clear.

1, Firefox browser How to make money?

In the Internet field, I like a word: silence to make money!

Let others not see how you make Money model, is a very successful mode of making money!

Firefox's profit model is a bit covert, but very simple: from the search engine where to split money! Firefox's default search engine is Google, the larger the flow of Firefox, the more traffic to Google, so from Google where the more money. So far, Firefox has been divided into tens of millions of dollars from Google's revenue.

Firefox is open source, so it attracts countless people to work for it for free, but it earns a lot of money, isn't it?

2, why is Firefox browser successful?

The friend who used the earlier version of Firefox should be very puzzled, the media propaganda so bad, how to use the problem so much bad?

The answer is simple: it doesn't work, but you still use, that is because the marketing of Firefox is too bull x!

Why is Firefox's marketing so successful? Where is the key point of it?

Wang Tong thinks it's the key point in: occasion!

Occasion strategy was first derived from Sun Tzu's Art of War, and was widely used in all fields of the world, currently in the field of marketing is the most widely used.

We have learned that physics, the higher the height, the greater the potential energy! So to occasion, it is necessary to find the work of NB Borrow, Firefox browser have borrowed those potential?

1, the potential to borrow Microsoft:

Since the Microsoft bundled Windows system to release ie free of charge, ie browser market is it a single big, no competitor. After the launch of Firefox, the target of Microsoft IE in the security of a sore spot. Is Firefox really safer than ie? No, it's safer at first than IE because no one is studying its flaws. Not because their technology is so bull, the more users it has, the less secure it will be. However, it was a very smart marketing strategy at the outset!

Because Microsoft's popularity is too high, so with Microsoft to stick a bit of relationship can be on the news, dare to do with Microsoft, will be more able to keep out the news. So Firefox started from the launch, the news constantly, cut off the countless advertising costs.

2, the potential to borrow Google:

Microsoft and Google, Microsoft also launched its own search engine live to compete for Google's market, so, the power of relatively thin Firefox quickly alongside Google, and Google stood together, now Google than Microsoft also to attract eyeballs, So Firefox has spared a lot of advertising fees.

More importantly: Google to compete with Microsoft, to compete with Yahoo, the pressure is not small. So Google and Firefox, who have been less willing to spend money to promote it, are starting to spend a great deal to promote Firefox, which is bundled with Google's toolbar. And still put into the AdSense to promote: A Download a dollar!

So, in Google's good leverage, the world's personal webmaster boiling, all joined the Firefox browser to promote the work. I'm just playing part-time, and every month I can get thousands of dollars from Google to the Firefox promotion fee. It is conceivable that the world so much to participate in the webmaster, the cost of the high imaginable. Of course, they are well planned because of the profit model, so it's a good deal for Firefox and Google.

no Google help, Firefox browser will never have today's market size!

Because of that, so idol jobs dared to behave:

at the Apple WWDC conference last week, Apple released a Safari 3.0 browser Beta for Windows systems. In the speech, Jobs first demonstrated the current processor market pattern, ie market share for 78%,firefox for 15%,safari 2%.

But then, Jobs showed another chart showing Safari's market share of 15%, all the rest ie browsers, and no Firefox at all.

why did Jobs dare to defy Firefox so much?

Because Steve Jobs was deeply aware:

Firefox technology is no big deal, Apple can easily go beyond!

Firefox's marketing is good, but Jobs's marketing effort is world-class.

Firefox can have today's market share, because it is very good timing, if not Google's help, Firefox will never have today's success!

Apple's relationship with Google is many times more than that of Firefox and Google. As long as Apple's browser safari in the Windows platform of a mature version of the launch, as long as Google and the joint, and then the Firefox dump, not long, the browser's market is only IE and Safari world.

If Google abandons Firefox, the future of Firefox will be dimmed, and it is unlikely to take refuge in Yahoo, where Yahoo and Microsoft IE are allied; If you run it, making money is too hard; Firefox is business-run and won't go on for the ideals they boast about in the media. ; If you want to value it the most, the end result will be to sell!

So, the predictions that jobs showed you will come true, and it's all just a matter of time!

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