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For professional technicians, the most important thing to get a book is the practicality of the book. There are many technical books on the market, and is "Hanjiang standalone fishing-Windows Kernel security programming" (hereinafter referred to as "Han Jiang") A book we need? I was not surprised when I got the book. Because I have always been very concerned about the book "Hanjiang standalone fishing. I have known the three authors of this book for many years. They are the top experts in the security industry engaged in Windows driver development. They have rich experience and unique insights in Windows driver development.
From the contents of this book, we can see that "Han Jiang" involves all aspects of driving development. After a few days of reading, I feel that although this book contains a large number of contents, it does not seem messy. Instead, it systematically describes the features of each driver, I have introduced the implementation methods of each driver in a simple way, and I have to admire the attention of the author because I have to mark every detail in driver development. The intensive reading over the past few days has allowed me to learn new things and learn something I didn't know much about before.
Of course, "Han Jiang" also has its shortcomings. For example, the description of some professional terms is inappropriate. If you can mark the original English phrase after the special term, it should achieve better results. On the other hand, this book does not describe the architecture of windows in detail. Before reading this book, beginners need to make a lot of preparations to meet the requirements of this book. We look forward to writing other works.
In general, the contents of "Han Jiang" are reasonably organized, rich in content and comprehensive, without losing details. It is suitable for beginners who want to learn how to drive development, and can also be used as a quick reference manual by professional technical developers.



Li dingpan-Network Name: doskey.

Famous hackers in China. Comodo China R & D center leader & project leader.

He has many years of security product development experience and is proficient in Windows drive development, reverse analysis, and other technologies.

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