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Architecture Web Service: Applications, solutions, and development platforms based on Web services


Public UDDI Registry
Microsoft Halistorm
Bowstreet Solution
Dealeasy Enterprise Portal Solution
Web services build platforms and service components
Microsoft. NET
IBM Web Service
Sun One
Case Study: Practice Web Services
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Chai Xiaolu (fennivel@uddi-china.org)
Chief System Architect
July 24, 2001

This article is the third of a series of articles on architecture Web Services, following the technical definition and technical specification of Web services, to explore existing Web service practices. First, the author examines the existing Web service applications, then examines some of the web-based solutions and products offered by business-to-business solution providers, and finally provides a comprehensive overview of the Web services open tools and platforms offered by several major platform vendors.
In the previous article in this series, I discussed in detail what is a Web service, the standards and techniques used for Web services. Are there any applications, solutions, and development tools based on this technology being delivered to the user? The answer is yes, Web services have started to practice. At present, the existing application of web-based service architecture has started to be deployed in internet/intranet. They relate to the aforementioned business-oriented Web service, client-oriented Web service, device-oriented Web service, and system-oriented Web Service and so on.

The resources cited in this article mainly include two categories, one is the Web Services Technical Resources Web site, contains a large number of Web services technical information, the other is the Web services "stack" series of technical specifications, they are a whole technical system, including UDDI, SOAP, WSDL, XML and so on. At the end of this article, the links to these resources are given, and interested readers can find what they need through these resource links.

Public UDDI Registry

UDDI Registry is a system-oriented Web service that exists as a technology registry for Web services, and for UDDI Registry, I've used several articles in this column to introduce myself, and I'm not going to repeat it here. The following are links to these articles.

UDDI Implementation White Paper-http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerWorks/xml/specification/index1.shtml
UDDI Technology white Paper-http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerWorks/xml/specification/index2.shtml
UDDI Services Implementation Architecture-http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerWorks/xml/soap/index7.shtml
Data Model for UDDI registration information-http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerWorks/xml/soap/index8.shtml
The use and structure of tmodel-http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerWorks/webservices/ws-tmodel/part1/index.shtml
tmodel System and Public tmodel-http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerworks/webservices/ws-tmodel/part2/index.shtml
Microsoft Halistorm

Microsoft's Halistorm is built on top of Microsoft's own. NET platform, providing some of the basic resource platforms needed to share information between web-based distributed applications. This is an individual user-oriented Web services platform for storing, retrieving, and exchanging information for personal use. However, HailStorm is designed not to manage any type of information, but rather to manage personal proprietary information for personal storage. Here are some examples that have some relationship but represent different scenarios:

You're walking along the road, and you need to look at the calendar to see what meetings are scheduled today. After you find an Internet terminal, log on to the web-based calendar.

You are using a computer in your home. Automatically generated desktop wallpaper contains a small calendar in the corner that marks birthdays and anniversaries that you have recorded in a Microsoft Outlook (or other calendar-enabled application) calendar.

You are working with a computer and have just installed a new application to help arrange the company's use of the carpool system to encourage partnerships. With it, you can coordinate your schedule so that it is in line with the schedule of other people in the hop group.

In addition, train operators may be able to provide an online train timetable service, with the help of Microsoft's new technology, at any time the latest train to send information to your desktop or other equipment. And if you boldly unfold your Lenovo wings, you will find that this is likely to be revolutionary to the meaning of big companies like FedEx and China International Airlines. In addition, HailStorm's clients will not only be Microsoft's MSN Messenger, but also PALM/POCKETPC, so you can imagine You will be able to get instant information from your handheld computer or other devices as soon as the stock price reaches a certain level, and you can sell the shares or do any other work at any time through your Instant messaging software.

Bowstreet Solution

Bowstreet is one of the top six Web services industries evaluated by Gartner Group (six companies include: Microsoft, IBM, HP, Bowstreet, Sun, and Oracle). Bowstreet sales of the main products are two: Bowstreet? Business Web Factory and Business Web Portal Solution.

Bowstreet Business Web Factory is a platform for modeling, assembling, dynamic change management, and customization of Web services. It consists of three parts: "Designer", "Customizer" and "Automation Engine".

"Designer", using Designer, allows programmers to assemble Web services in a parameter-driven pattern without the need for special coding, typically including the invocation specification of the Web service and the context of the invocation behavior.

"Customizer", by using this simple browser-based tool, business people can customize the profile of their users to define their behavior with Web applications.

"Automation Engine" is able to accept changes in the service configuration made by designer and Cusomizer while creating new, customized Web applications in the running tense.

The Business Web Portal solution contains a set of business products developed Bowstreet for Enterprise E-business, such as Enterprise Portal, Supply Chain, etc. All of these products are based on Web services and can be integrated and interactive under a unified platform.

Dealeasy Enterprise Portal Solution

Dealeasy Enterprise Portal is based entirely on two technologies:

Information sharing;
Service integration.
Where information sharing includes:

Customer and internal employee information sharing on customer support (shared information from internal customer support information, customer support feedback, and Customer self-service experience)
Information sharing between partners and the enterprise (possibly including market information (e.g., customer feedback), technical information and operational information, etc.)
Information sharing of internal employees (internal technical experience, project experience, market experience, etc.)
Service integration includes:

The integration of partner and enterprise Information System makes the cooperation more responsive and cost less, such as supply chain;
The integration of enterprise internal system makes the internal collaborative work truly realized;
Large Customer and enterprise Customer System docking, improve the large customer satisfaction, reduce service costs.
The portal's Component Services include: Collaborative Platform/knowledge base/information accelerator/private UDDI registry/routing and Reli Ability Service.

Web services build platforms and service components

The following are development tools and platforms for Web services provided by major platform providers:

Microsoft. NET

Microsoft. NET is undoubtedly a conceptual and technical champion, with a level of coverage and sophistication that is also aptly reflected in Microsoft's leadership in the field of XML Web services. NET Framework can refer to the following figure:

Figure 1. Microsoft. NET System Framework

where visual Studio. NET already has Beta 2, which can be obtained through testing and partners. Other development platforms and development components can be accessed from the following Web sites:

Microsoft. NET Framework SDK beta-http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?releaseid=25776
Microsoft XML 4.0 Parser and sdk-http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?releaseid=31333
Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0-http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?releaseid=29247
Microsoft UDDI SDK v1.5.2-http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?releaseid=30880
Microsoft's Web services platform and tools are undoubtedly excellent, but their shortcomings are obvious and cannot be used on platforms other than Windows platforms, but Microsoft claims to be running platforms for this year and beyond. NET Runtime (Common Language Runtime will continue to support FreeBSD, Linux, and Unix, and we'll see.

IBM Web Service

IBM's expansion in Web services has changed into a century of staid and somewhat conservative style, becoming aggressive, stride forward, and solid. On the specification of Web services, Microsoft is IBM's main partner, such as SOAP, WSDL and UDDI,IBM, and Microsoft are absolute technical precursors. and in the internal implementation of technology, IBM is using the Java EE architecture, in addition to relying on their own alphaworks power, but also to draw on various types of open source organization of the results (such as Apache soap and Juddi, etc.), Provides a complete and leading development tool for Web services on its own WebSphere platform.

These packages and tools are mainly:

Web Service Toolkit (includes a private UDDI Registry, WSDL generation tool, etc.)-http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/webservicestoolkit
Web Service PMT (Process management tool for Web services)-HTTP://WWW.ALPHAWORKS.IBM.COM/TECH/WSPMT
Apache soap-http://xml.apache.org/soap/
Sun One

Sun, after inventing the landmark Java, seems to have lost 1.1 of his creativity, the world's largest software developer based on the Java platform is IBM, not sun, the world's leading web technology software developers are Microsoft, not Sun,sun may be "firmly" Thinking of Java as the Internet, it seems that after the rapid leadership of Microsoft and IBM in Web services, and the close collaboration of these two companies in the field of Web services, Sun finally understands that Web services are the new system architecture model that Java has to face.

Although a little hasty, sun was in time to launch the sun in the Web Service ERA solution Sun one. But Sun one is more like a sun-provided Java platform that adds features to Web services than a purely Web service development platform. At the same time, its main disadvantage is that the Web Service description and discovery of the two standards (WSDL and UDDI) support is not perfect.

Case Study: Practice Web Services

So far, I've had a business need for Web services, the technical implementation of Web services as well as the current application and development tools of Web services are introduced in a comprehensive manner, and in the following articles I will combine an example to describe in detail how to really plan, design, and create a specific application for a Web service.


Web Service Technology/Comment website
Uddi-china.org, a UDDI-oriented Web services technology Web site.
webservices.org, Web Services Integrated class technology Web site.
IBM Developerworks/web Service Zone, IBM's WEB Services technology Resource Center
MSDN Online Web Services Developer Resources, Web Service Developer Resource Web site for Microsoft
Itpapers/web service, Itpapers's WEB Services review article
Interop Stack Series technical standard specification for addressing business-to-business e-business application interactions and integrations
UDDI Executive White Paper, uddi-china.org, uddi.org
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Soap:simple Object Access PROTOCOL Specification 1.1, IBM, Microsoft, DevelopMentor, 2000
Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Second Edition), the Consortium, 6 OCT 2000
Author Introduction

Chai Xiaolu: Shanghai Easy e-commerce Technology Co., Ltd. (dealeasy) chief System Architect, XML technical advisor. Member of Uddi-china.org Blue Blaze Studio. UDDI Advisor group member, Wsui Working group member. He received a master's degree in computer Science from Fudan University in 2000, and has been in the International Computer Science Conference (ICSC), Asia-Pacific XML Technology Symposium (XML asia/pacific ' 99), China XML Technology Symposium (Beijing), and computer scientific periodicals. Many papers have been published in major domestic conferences and periodicals. specialize in xml-based system integration and data exchange technology research, at the same time, database, object-oriented technology and CSCW technology is better.

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