Webmaster Gospel: Baidu site Syntax epoch-making revision

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Baidu--as the originator of Chinese search engines, it for the vast number of webmaster in the heart of the site syntax, after 14 years, finally completed in May 2014 epoch-making revision, the new on-line version of the performance more intuitive, more accurate information, more convenient operation, most importantly, whether or not Baidu Webmaster platform users, Can be viewed through the site syntax of a website included, security and the impact of these two indicators of a variety of factors in time to know the site problem.

For more than 10 years, webmaster through the "site" syntax to see how many pages Baidu search engine contains their own site, this number is related to the "Happiness Index" of all sites, but through the site syntax can only understand an estimate of data, want to further understand the details need to login Baidu Webmaster platform, which caused some site problems, Even some of the pages are black, but due to the number of good, resulting in the webmaster did not solve the problem in a timely manner, the consequences, there is an extreme phenomenon is not accustomed to using Baidu Webmaster Platform webmaster can not be the first time to know the site problem.

Now when the different days, do not login Baidu Webmaster platform, you can directly see the site accurate collection, but also can directly see the impact of the connectivity included, ban ban, important page 404, included in the dead chain of the four factors are normal; In addition, the security level Also be solemnly referred to the site Syntax page, to the majority of webmaster stressed the importance of Web site security, from "security, low risk, dangerous, high-risk" four grades, "vulnerability detection, malicious code detection, tampering detection, fraud content detection" Four dimensions of visual rendering site status. Of course, want to know more details also need to login Baidu Webmaster Platform, verify the website, if again perfect contact method can receive the website in time after the abnormal message reminder, timely and fast.

In addition, commonly used webmaster tools, webmaster Platform, the latest information, Baidu Certification system, in the site Syntax page has been very good show, webmaster simple and convenient operation. It is said that "something is OK site, the site easy to win."

Baidu Webmaster platform based on all sides from all aspects for the majority of webmaster to provide the most practical human services, at the same time, can also allow more people to feel Baidu "simple to rely on" the spirit and character. Baidu site syntax of the landmark revision, has been in the legendary, I believe Baidu webmaster platform, I believe Baidu, will continue to give users more intimate, more practical products and services!

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