What about the hard drive noise?

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What about the hard drive noise?

Hard drive Noise Solution one:

It could be a hard drive, but you said it was a big new buy, but it's still possible.

How to Differentiate

Listen to the sound can be very harsh, (if it is a slight sound will be small point alone this is not to be divided)

Listen to whether it has been non-stop, there is a regular sound (because the disk is a circle is the head will be circular to read it) if the hard drive normal read the sound is intermittent sometimes not

If the slight bad way may sound small can not hear to be able to use the hand to grind the hard disk to feel like also may

Hard drive fever is normal but bad track hard drive is hotter than usual

And in the hard drive read the bad road when the machine will express slow down or card a bit sometimes still crash

And the hard drive lights will always be on.

If all the above conditions are present, it is possible that the hard drive is broken.

If it's not distinguishable, use the software.

Efficiency source large-capacity HDD detection and Repair program (if there is a hard drive problem 100% can be detected as for the repair is not good to say it)

Built-in repair features to add "manual repair" and "automatic repair" can be bad way to join the factory g-list list, is currently installed, second-hand computer vendors, Internet cafes, customers of the first choice of hard disk testing software. Note: This procedure needs to be engraved to the CD-ROM to start, the hard drive set to IDE1 mouth, with CD-ROM to start!

Hard drive Noise Solution two:

In general, this phenomenon is not only the problem of the hard disk, some brands and models of hard disk is really noisy, but more cases due to the chassis design and hard drive installation caused by the unreasonable.

First check the hard drive is installed firmly, all the screws are tightened

If no problem is found, Nani can then point to the hard disk and chassis contact Place some rubber material, to play the role of shock absorption, noise reduction.

If it's not resolved, you can only try to change the hard drive.

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