What Does Cao use to unify the country? [Excerpt 163]

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What Does Cao use to unify the country?

To be honest, write this articleArticleI am in conflict. I admire Cao very much because he is a talented person, from fraud to power planning, from politics to military. Among the three state-level leaders, he is probably the most powerful, in addition, I also really appreciate him as a person. When he was in this atmosphere, he was also a man of history who was pushed to the world by the author as a negative role in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it is very valuable to have so many followers in future generations! The phrase "Old Man fuyun, aiming at a thousand miles ." A thousand years later, it was still a hit!

However, as the son of heaven above ten thousand people, Cao absolutely cannot, because he is too smart, too frightening, and fraud is too perfect. If Cao becomes a son of Heaven, "the town must be able to survive, and the work must be done ." However, it is unlikely that "the public is well served "...... This is the greatest sorrow of Cao's life. The generals of wenchen around him are either completely loyal or restrained by his boundless deterrent.

None of the above seems useless, because there is no direct evidence to prove that Cao cannot unify China. However, Cao, a great strategist, politician, diplomat, and writer, did not unify China under the historical conditions at that time. The facts cannot be changed. Many people have raised the issue of Cao's life. I don't think so. Although there is a possibility that Cao will survive and eventually unify China, just like in Cao Zhuan, but this is a low possibility that even friends of Cao Wei have to admit it, right? First of all, Cao is not dead, but you cannot ensure that his men are not dead. He is forced to die, and he is also the same. Cheng Yu, Jia Wei, and Liu Yu are among the most famous men, and other guys who are not first-class talents. Cheng Jing is indeed a talented person, but his position is relatively low, which is a lot worse than that of Lu Shu; although Liu Jing is very general, his opinions are not accepted and can be ignored; although Jia's talents were the highest in the later stage, he surrendered and had a very serious self-protection mentality. As a typical defensive talent, he could not expand externally. Someone will make a mistake. You forgot Sima Yi! I don't forget it, because if Cao is there, Sima Yi will be lucky if he is not dead. Don't mention anything ......

There are still a lot left by the generals, including Zhang Liao, Zhang Jie, Xia houdun, and a group of Wong and Wong experts. There will also be Xu Wei and Xu Huang. However, due to lack of command, they should also focus on defense, zhang Liao and CaO Ren kept guard in the South, while Zhang's jaw held in Hanzhong in the West, and CaO Zhang's town in the north had to rely on it. Xu Wei and Yu ban and Cao Zhi were not allowed to fight ...... Now that Xia houdun is old, let him have a pension in Luoyang! I forgot Cao Hong! Summary Cao Hong's "money is too much" is completely honest. Cao sighed that he was not rich in Cao Hong. Is it true that his old man is busy earning money!

From the political point of view, one reason why Cao has never been an emperor in his life is that, once he has not been "arrogant to take the lead", he will first face internal split, and even become Wei Wang, jia JIU Xi has all abolished his Uncle Chen. If he is the emperor, how much resistance will there be? Cao knows, so he honestly became a Prime Minister for a lifetime. Wei Wang, that is, he did not become Wei Di. After he arranged all the things, he went with peace of mind and let Cao Yu become the founding emperor of Wei Guo. Everything was so logical. Cao's life has been perfect. Confucius cloud: "It's too late ." If you are the Emperor, you can only destroy the foundation of your life.

Here, I actually stole a new concept, because unification is not equal to the title of the emperor. I have been bringing everyone into the ditch all the time. Now I will show everyone! Unification is to occupy all the territory and eliminate the main opposition forces. However, Cao's current situation was that he unified the north and owned the largest land, but he also had the longest line of defense. However, his military power was also the strongest, but he fought on two lines, i'm afraid it's still difficult ...... Particularly Dongwu, a rich family base, a powerful water army, and a defensive advantage of the Yangtze River tiangu, shuguo is also not bad. Although the ability to take the initiative to attack is not very strong, Zhuge Liang and Zhangbei (not dead yet) A group of talents including Guan Xing, Ma Dai, Wang Ping, Huang Zhong, and Liao Hua are here. Although Wei Yan is highly suspected, he is absolutely strong in combat and command capabilities, so that he can stick to Hanzhong, drag across Cao! In addition, Meng has received strong foreign aid from nanman.com. In addition, with the well-running economic environment of shuguo, there are many great stones on the way to unification of Cao ...... Do you still believe that, for another 20 years, can Cao unify China? What Does Cao use to unify China?

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