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Annual National Day came, the annual ticket how would be absent, buy a home for the New Year's train tickets we will always rob! Here to introduce a ticket to grab the software which is easy to use, a few grab tickets browser how, make a comparison, so that everyone in the purchase of train tickets can be referred to the choice.

Method One, login comparison

1, Cheetah Browser grab ticket software, login interface or with 12306 official login. And you can choose whether or not to record the password.

2, the digital company is ruthless enough, login time has not seen the appearance of 12306, just let you enter 12306 of the account password.

3, the next time you log in, the password is automatically populated, digital companies to help you remember the password. I don't see any way to keep it in mind for the time being.

4, in the login, two tickets to the software are required to enter the verification code. This is related to the 12306 setting because 12306 has no difficulty in logging in, so this captcha is not necessary to conquer frequent logins.

Login Summary

2 tickets to the software login operation is basically the same, in addition to cheetah users can choose to remember the password, and digital companies are directly remember the password, there is no other than the same. The verification code uses 12306 official authentication codes, typically 4 letters and numbers. When you buy train tickets, you need to log in ahead of time.

Method Two, brush ticket comparison

1, the Cheetah Rob ticket software needs to fill in the information including booking seats, scheduled trips, passengers.

2, digital companies to rob the ticket software needs to enter the information is also scheduled seats, scheduled trips, passengers.

3, Cheetah Browser grab ticket software refresh times In addition to the number of display, but also show how many seconds after this query.

4, digital companies to rob the ticket software to show the number of votes, at the bottom of the page. Show only a few attempts.

Summary of the Brush ticket

The Cheetah grab ticket software keeps the page style of the previous ticket-grabbing software and retains the display of 12306 official pages at the same time. In fact, the settings in the ticket-grabbing software will be reflected in the 12306 page. The digital company's ticket-grabbing software completely simplifies the 12306 page style, creating a more practical user experience with better interface operations.

Method Iii. Comparison of purchase ticket submission

1, as long as there is a need to rob the train tickets, cheetah grab ticket software will enter the submission page, in the submission, the page retains the use of 12306 of the submission page, you need to enter the verification code, input will be automatically submitted.

2, digital companies to grab the ticket software needs to enter the verification code of the page, is also entirely their own style, while displaying the information is also very concise, no longer need to confirm passengers. When you need to enter a verification code, automatically submit.

3, the Cheetah grab ticket software ticket waiting page.

4, digital companies grab tickets to wait for the ticket software.

5, the Cheetah grab ticket software ticket success directly into the order page.

5, digital companies grab tickets software, grab tickets after the success of the page display, click Pay jump to 12306 official payment page.

Summary of the robbery ticket submission

In the whole process of ticket submission, although the Rogue, the digital company completely shielded 12306 original pages, but it does provide a better user experience. And the Cheetah grab ticket software basically retained 12306 of the purchase ticket page and process, but also retains the previous ticket-grabbing software operating style, more care for the old users.

Method Four, the supplementary strategy

1, personally try the most critical

Now Rob ticket software really too much, gimmick also a lot of, what mobile phone grab ticket, off-line grab ticket, browser grab ticket. This article is not likely to exhaust all the ticket software, in fact, which is good, but also with their own computer, network environment has a relationship, so or more to try to be aware of.

2, the more no principle more reliable

In fact, the so-called software is all in the drilling of 12306 loopholes, since it is drilling people's loopholes, this behavior is unprincipled software. Which companies do you think are more unprincipled, perhaps the company's ticket-grabbing software is more reliable. Of course, the most unprincipled must not rely on these large companies, how to say that others are also face-saving. Therefore, those who are not well-known small companies to rob the ticket software, should be more principled and reliable. The cattle in the hands of the ticket software is this type.

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