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If you experience a situation where it takes more than a few minutes to open a Word document, or if you open an Office document other than word, it's obvious that your computer's offie component and system environment has failed, causing you to turn on word very slowly. At this time of the computer Western medicine needs to be optimized, for different situations, this article has sorted out several solutions for your reference use.


1, if you install the Mathtype5.0equation Formula Editor, open Office 2003 word when the speed is slow, the lower left corner of the display "Running virus scan", affecting the speed of word open.

This is because the Formula Editor mathtype5.0equation is installed. When you install the tool software, an automatically-started Word template is installed in the installation path of office, and each time you open the Word file, it opens in the default mode of the template, and the macro virus scanner that comes with Office when you start Word is automatically scanned for viruses. So, if you want to cancel the virus scanning process, follow these steps:

(1), open antivirus software, to set-> detailed settings, find embedded antivirus, and then "use office/ie embedded antivirus" before the check cancellation.

(2), to the antivirus Software Monitoring Center, cancel the "Enable file monitoring" settings.

(3), under C:Program FilesMicrosoft officeoffice11startup (assuming office is installed under this path), delete two files Mathpage and MathType. Then restart Word, and you will open the file immediately. If those files are not found, see if they are hidden. –> Show all the files and see if there are any?

2, Word provides a number of help page links and content updates, when we open Word will automatically link the page and update the content, resulting in a waste of time, and these content is not what we want.

Cancel method: Click Tools-Options in the menu bar. Select General to cancel the check in front of the "Update automatic links on open" button, and click the "service option at the bottom of the window", "This document is the workspace ...", "There are some ...". Under When you open the document, get updates to the document and workspace, select Never. When you close the document, update the workspace copy with your changes, select Never. Select the customer feedback option. Select No in the prompt yes or no two column selections. Click on "Online content, will" show ... The content and link "before the check is canceled." Click Web Options, select the file, and cancel the 3rd, 4, and 5 hooks in the diagram. Click Tools-Options in the menu bar and select Edit to cancel the check before the prompt updates style and keep formatting tracking.

3, shut down the antivirus software office monitoring, anti-virus software in the elimination of office embedded Antivirus. and to see if your computer is poisoned, come to a thorough inventory.

4. Do you use a network printer? Connect network cable turned on slow, disconnect the Web open document normal?

This is mainly due to problems with the network printer or the absence of a local printer installed. The solution is simply to reset the default printer or reload the printer:

Click Local printers connected to this computer, clear the Automatically detect and install Plug and Play printers check box, and then click Next. Click Create New port, and then click Local port in the Port type option. In the Port Name box, type the path of the printer in the following format, where server is the name of the print server, and printer is the printer name: Server printer.

When you add a local port, you are prompted that the port already exists. Click on the blank space in the Add Printer and fax, right--server properties, delete the local port, network port and driver. Follow the steps in the table, step-by-step.

5, in the beginning-> run inside input winword.exe/a other parameters and significance:

/a start Word and prevent automatic loading of add-ins and global templates (including the Normal template).

/L starts Word, and then loads a specific word add-in.

/m does not run any AutoExec macros when you start a new instance of Word.

/n starts a new instance of Word and does not open any documents in it. Documents opened in each instance of Word will not appear as options in the Window menu of another instance.

/T starts Word and opens a new document that is based on templates other than the Normal template.

/w starts a new Word instance that contains a blank document. Documents opened in each instance of Word will not appear as options in the Window menu of another instance.

6, when you open Word prompts: "The printer is not responding, but the program can continue to run without printer information, continue to wait for the printer to respond?" Solution for:

This is usually because the printer is not turned on or is not connected. It is recommended that you set the default printer to Microsoft Office Document Image Writer (Office-brought virtual printer, if this printer is not found, either you have not installed Word, or have been deleted later.) If it is deleted, you can find an office disc to repair it, or set it up as an online printer. Not really, you can delete the printer from the beginning--setting up--printers and faxes.

7, cancel the word spelling check

8. In Resource Manager – Tools – Folder Options – File types Select the extension doc, click "Advanced"-Select "Open"-click "Edit"-in "Application for Edit" after/N Plus "%1" (Note: must add the top and "" "" ") For example:" D: Programmicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11WINWORD.EXE "/n"%1 "/dde. Note that this must be the order, and the other order is wrong. Cancel the "Use DDE" before the hook, click OK, your Word will open the speed of a lot more, there is no delay. Similarly, execl is to choose the extension of XLS, in the same way after/e "%1" and cancel "use DDE" before the tick.

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