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What if the Word document is slow to open?

If you experience a situation where it takes more than a few minutes to open a Word document, or if you open an Office document other than word, it's obvious that your computer's offie component and system environment has failed, causing you to turn on word very slowly. At t

What if the Word document is corrupted?

When we work with Word documents everyday, it is inevitable that word files will not open, Word file is damaged, word usually has a lot of information about our normal work, sometimes there are many important information, sometime

What is the word master document

click to move to a file, a location in a file, a Web page on the World Wide Web, or a Web page on an Intranet. Hyperlinks can also go to newsgroups or Gopher, Telnet, and FTP sites. Appear When you click a hyperlink, Microsoft Word displays the subdocument in a separate document window. Using templates and formatting in a master document Templates used in a ma

Word/outlook 2010 is not the system default input method what to do

When Office 2010 is installed, we typically encounter problems with using the input method that is not the default input method that we set up when we open Word and outlook. For example: In Control Panel-region and language, the default input method

What to do if a Word document is not saved immediately

In the process of editing a document, the document being edited is not saved immediately because of a sudden power outage. How to save some data? There are several ways to fix a document that is not saved for immediate use. How to: Recover a

What if Word, Excel document is not saved? How do I get it back?

Computer crashes or sudden power outages, hard to edit the word or Excel documents too late to save, we will not be very annoyed? So how do you get back unsaved documents? The following small series will teach you a trick to help you find unsaved documents quickly. Word does not save document retrieve Documents that are too late to be saved in

What is the reason behind the text after you enter text in a Word document?

When we modify the Word document, we sometimes encounter the text behind the input text disappears, what is the reason? The following small series for you to introduce, to see! Steps Open Word, we enter Baidu experience in the document

What to do if a Word document page is restricted and cannot be copied

Method One: 1, the system desktop, create a blank document; 2, and then click "Insert"-"file", then find the protected document, and then insert it. Method Two: 1, open the Word document, and then click on the menu bar "file"-"Save As", and then save the file type as "Word97"; 2, then reopen the file, cli

How do I get word 2013 to be saved by default as a Word 2003 document

Word documents created using Word2013 will be saved as Word2013 documents in docx format, and Word2003 can not directly open Word2013-created docx documents without installing file-format compatibility packs. If Word2013 users need to exchange files frequently with Word2003 users, Word2013 users can set their default save format to a doc file that Word2003 users can open. The steps for setting the

What should I do if the word document cannot be opened? Word document cannot be opened

The Word document is not open it may be a template problem we only need to solve it by the following methods, as follows 1, into the "Safe mode" We open Word we then click on the "menu bar" of "file"--> New Document Action 2, then the following force

What if the Ppt/word document doesn't open? Ppt/word Document Cannot open solution

Word encountered an error while trying to open the file. Please try the following methods: * Check file permissions on the document or drive. * Make sure there is enough memory and disk space. * Open file with file Recovery converter. It doesn't matter whether you're fixing the document or changing t

What to do if Word doesn't open?/word document cannot open solution

Word file is not open, prompted to open in Word Safe mode, may be Normal.dot template damaged. Error opening Word prompt, Word open file error what to do The first case, the use of Golden Hill guards Trojan killing, can help y

Where is the WPS document roaming? How do I set wps default to start a blank document or document roaming?

In this time of frequent Internet access, it is common to have some office software. Can sometimes use WPS to create a few blank documents, suddenly found that the default interface is the online template by the way with some small ads and slightly uncomfortable it? The following little series is about how to set the W

Four main reasons for the size of a Word document

As we know, Word documents of the same content, after different operation processing, their size is somewhat different, even quite alarming. We have a way to "slim down" the Word document. 1. Re-page Setup to shrink the file Every time the

MathType Bulk Adjust the size of a formula in a Word document

In a math quiz paper edited with Word, a large number of formulas exist. If you need to resize the font size after the document is edited, what about the formulas in the document? Typically, these formulas in a

Win7 system modifies the size of the Word document cursor

Win7 System modifies the size of the Word document Cursor Method: The whole becomes bigger 1, the first situation we only need to hold down the keyboard "Ctrl" in the Word document, and then roll back with the mouse wheel, the page, the cursor will become smaller, word2007

Set default Paste options in a Word 2010 document

The user can set the default Paste options in a Word 2010 document to accommodate the need for pasting under various conditions, as described in the following procedure: Step 1th, open the Word 2010 document window, and click the file → options button, as shown in Figure 20

How does Word always open the last document by default?

Word has a very good function is the memory function, many people open Word when the default to open the last document, although this feature is good but there are still many people do not like this setting. Total

The word document cannot be opened or the system prompts that the word has stopped working. What should I do?

Settings\administrator\application Data\Microsoft\Templates, you will see two files, delete "Normal".Finally reopen word to see if you can start the normal. Or Double-click to open the "computer" in the upper-right search box to enter "Normal.dot", when the Win7 system will automatically search for the name contains "Normal.dot" the name of the file, search results may have a lot of similar files, but you just need to find "C:\Users\ Administrator\

Word 2010 quickly Set document default Paste Options

In the Word2010 document, a lot of paste options, set the default Paste options, you can adapt to the various conditions of the paste needs, the following steps are described: Step 1th, open the Word2010 document window, and click the file → options button, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 Click the Options button Step 2nd, in the Open

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