What if there is no sound in the WIN8 computer speaker? The computer has no sound resolution skills

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First, to see if the speaker is set to mute state

: If the notebook is set to mute state, then the speaker will have no sound after starting boot.

Suppress Mute method:

Method One:

1. Click the left mouse button on the lower right corner of the screen "small horn" icon, the following figure:

2. Click on the mute "small horn" icon, the following figure:

3. At this point the mute can be canceled, as shown below:

Method Two:

Press the keyboard "FN" + "F6" key combination to cancel the mute, the screen will appear the volume size prompts, the following figure:

Second, verify the sound playback default device is a local sound card

: If the sound playback default device is not a native sound card, then the boot notebook speaker will also have no sound.

To view the sound playback default device method:

1. Press the keyboard "WIN" + "X" key combination to open the Advanced management tool, select "Control Panel".

2. Select "Hardware and Sound" in the control Panel.

3. Click on the right side of the "sound".

4. In the play, see if speakers are the default device, as shown in the following figure:

5. If "Speaker" is not the default device, right-click "Speaker" and select "Set as Default Device".

6. Set the speaker to the default device and click OK below to see if the speaker has any sound.

Third, the sound card driver reinstall

: If you check the above settings are no problem, then you need to drive the sound card to reinstall, different systems into different official bar, I use the Samsung computer

Install sound card Drive method:

1. Login to Samsung official website www.samsung.com.cn, in the upper right corner of the input notebook model "NP680Z5E-X01CN" for search.

2. In "All related search", click on the "manual" below.

3. In the matching result, click on "PC Ativ Book 6 680z5e-x01 (NP680Z5E-X01CN) User Manual".

4. In the "Download Center", select "SW Update".

5. Click "Download" below "SW Update".

6. The download installs the SW Update software to open, the following picture:

7. Click the "Find Model" in the lower-left corner of the software.

8. In the upper right corner of the window, enter the notebook model "NP680Z5E-X01CN" and search.

9. Select the search model "NP680Z5E-X01CN".

10. Click on the "Windows 8" operating system.

11. In the driver list, tap the sound driver, and then click Export in the lower-right corner.

Install the sound card driver download to see if the speakers are OK.

Four, the above situation cannot be solved

: If the above operation can not be resolved, please try the following operations, we restore the system to try.

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